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1-800-Flowers Hung Up on Me

All I wanted to do was get birthday flowers for my mom. What I got was the worst customer service experience I’ve had in a long time as the representative from 1-800-Flowers rudely hung up on me while I was still asking for help!

flowers for moms birthday
The flowers for mom I ordered somewhere else

Here’s the whole story:

I’ve been a customer of 1-800-Flowers for many years, and a member of their Celebrations Passport program where you pay $20 to join and get free shipping all year. This year I got a renew notice, so when I last ordered flowers, I also opted to renew.

Then a couple days ago I tried to order flowers and use the passport which said it was expired. I called the phone number and after a 15-minute wait explained that my renewal clearly showed in my order history, but when I try to use it, it says expired.

After another lengthy wait she said they had to change something on their end and it’s fixed. She tried to end the call, but I asked her to please wait while I checked my account. I managed to check before she hung up and it was NOT fixed.

So I let her know and again I was put on hold for a long wait.

Then I got an e-mail saying I needed to change my password. She came back on, and I let her know about the message and she said to change my password and the problem was fixed. As I was doing that, she said, “OK, if there isn’t anything else you need help with, I’ll be going.”

I asked her to please wait while I checked. I’m pretty fast on the computer so it would only be an extra minute at most. She told me she didn’t have time to wait! What kind of customer service is that?? And again she says, “OK if there isn’t anything else you need help with, Goodbye.” And I’m going YES! I NEED HELP with this still!

And then she just hung up on me!

I was a bit in shock. I had been polite the whole time. She had been short with me and obviously didn’t want to help.

And the account still said the Passport was expired. I had just wasted a big chunk of my morning and accomplished nothing.

After that I turned to their chat system and tried to get help that way. TERRIBLE experience there. The person took so long to respond that I had to type, “Hello? Are you still there?” several times after lengthy waits. And before they could help me, they disconnected.

So after that, I just gave up on 1-800-Flowers

After that I decided to get my flowers somewhere else. I sent the website a message, letting them know about my experience with their customer service agent and asking for a refund for the Passport purchase.

I got a reply back saying they would send me a refund my purchase.

No apology. No acknowledgement of the terrible customer service. No mention of any of that. Just a “Thanks for reaching out, here’s your refund.”

I’m still actually waiting for that refund to come through! In the meantime, I recommend flower shopping somewhere else.

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  1. It’s so disappointing when a company you’ve been loyal to for years gives you terrible customer service. It doesn’t make any sense. The cost to acquire new customers is much higher than retaining loyal customers like yourself.

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