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That One Time I Was in Playboy Magazine

It’s true, I was in Playboy in college. But it wasn’t from submitting pretty photos. I sent them words instead.

playboy magazine acceptance letter

I got my very first paid writing job my senior year, for Playboy Magazine. I was so excited that I saved my contract letter. How exactly I got this job, I can’t even remember! I recall there was some sort of Playboy on Campus section. Maybe I sent an old school query letter. I sent out a lot of query letters in college and got a lot of rejections. I used to save those too, but have long since lost them in favor of saving the successes.

I queried all my favorite magazines back then, and got very nice “Thanks, but no thanks” form style postcards from places like Marie Claire and Allure. They all said no, but Playboy wanted me! I was paid $50 for 100 words on college sex tips. Pretty good rate for a short little blurb. I wish I still had the article because now I’m wondering what the heck did I write? What did I think good sex tips were in college? I guess I didn’t know much if it fit into 100 words…lol. In case you’re wondering, the intro and first paragraph here are about 100 words.

I remember being so excited I finally got paid for writing something. I’ll always have a soft spot for Playboy, since they were the first one to give me a glimmer of hope that you can make money writing. And if you’ve never picked up a copy, they actually have always had very good writing filling up those pages between the naked ladies. Of course, you’d only know that if you were one those few that really read it for the articles. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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