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Ever since we moved to the beach, I’ve found I have to take my phone with me on our beach walks because I never know when I’ll want to take a photo. I’m always finding something neat, like a tiny sea snail known as a Sea Butterfly or something strange like the time I found the lower half of a shark… just the reproductive part. My son likes to play in the sand while I search around for pretty shells, shark teeth or sea glass. I always manage come home with a few things in my pocket. He manages to come home with wet pants and sand in his hair. At least we both leave happy!

toddler playing in the sand at beach

In the past week the beach has had an abundance of sea glass, which is odd because I normally only find 2-3 pieces at the most and lately I’ve come home with 10+ pieces. They are various colors so it isn’t coming from just one source of broken glass. A lot of the pieces are brown or amber but I’ve found some of my favorite greens and blues as well. A few pieces even had some neat raised designs on them. Probably old beer bottles, but still cool to find. I enjoy collecting it so much that I recently a wrote an entire article about sea glass for a Florida Life website, titled Beach Life: Hidden Treasures of Atlantic Beach – Sea Glass.

I’m still always looking for shark teeth, but only managed to find a total of four in the year we’ve lived here. They are also very tiny. It seems I can only find the smallest of teeth! I think the glass is easier to spot when you are distracted and trying to keep one eye on an unpredictable toddler.

But, whether it’s a little piece of glass, a tiny tooth, or a big cool shell, I’m always happy just to be able to walk to the beach and call this place home.

Atlantic beach florida

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  1. I love living by the beach so much and collecting sea glass – although we rarely find any of our beach!


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