I Don’t Read Your Blog, and Here’s Why

I’m just going to come right out and say it: A lot of “Mom Blogs” annoy me. I’d love to read them, but they are so bogged down with ads and giant photos that I can’t even figure out where the article starts and ends. I can, however, figure out where to buy a Vitamix blender, save on auto insurance and get the latest bundle on Direct TV.

I know, I know…you’re just trying to make a little money, right? Utilize all that advertising space? But do you have to do it RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of your damn blog post? It’s at the top, bottom, sidebars and sandwiched all up in there so much that I’m thinking maybe this is really just a GEICO ad that somehow got meshed with an informative piece on dealing with tantrums (observation based on an article that inspired this post, that pushed me over the edge and almost made me have a tantrum)

I don't read your blog and why

Top 5 Reasons Why I Don’t Read Some Blogs:

1- Too Many Giant Photos

Your photos are enormous, so they take forever to load and dominate the page. If you have a photography blog, great, that makes sense. But if you are trying to tell me a story and break up your text with HUGE photos, it’s just annoying. I post photos. Sometimes they are on the larger side, but I try not to have them dominate the text.

2- Long Blocks of Text

You have large blocks of uninterrupted text. Writing for the Internet is different and massive paragraphs without line breaks and subheadings make it hard to follow. You need to break it up and throw in a photo now and then. Just not a giant one.

3- Pop-ups Everywhere

Does anyone like these? NO. My first instinct is to go around clicking all the little X’s to make them go away. I don’t even care what they say. And you know that silly cookie warning? Unless you are in the UK, you don’t actually need it. It’s a useless pop-up taking up time and space on your blog. The Internet police are not coming after you and your little mom blog.

4- More Advertising than Substance

This one goes along with the pop-ups complaint. It’s really hard to read blogs with ads EVERYWHERE. Look, I understand we need to make a little extra money and even I have given in and implemented advertising through Ezoic, but when they are at the top, at the bottom, and all throughout your blog post…I can’t concentrate on the text at all. The funny thing is that this text will probably be followed the same sort of ad I’m complaining about, lol.

5- No Proofreading

Spell check was invented for a reason, use it! And don’t stop there, read over everything and edit for grammar, punctuation, etc. We all make typos, but repeatedly doing so throughout the blog just makes it painful to read. And I know I’m not perfect, but I do make a considerable effort to proofread several times before ever pressing publish. (except that one time I accidentally published my rough draft and then wanted to scream and hide under a rock)

blogging humor

Just Clean It Up a Little

Now I know what you are thinking…except for maybe #5, all these things are being done by popular blogs that actually make money. So maybe the trick to making money blogging is to cater to the advertiser and your Google stats, and not the reader. And if that’s your thing, then you didn’t get into this for the love of writing and that’s OK. Since I started blogging I’ve learned there are ALL types of blogs from the personal diaries to product reviewers to business machines where you buy into a blog network and craft it to appeal to your local community. There’s short stories, poetry, beauty blogs, foodies, overall lifestyle blogs and my personal niche, the mommy blog. There’s a blog for everything and everybody!

But if you are going to put the time into writing articles you want people to be able to read and enjoy, just please clean it up a little, cut out a few ads and make it easier to read. I’m incredibly distracted already, I don’t need your flashing pop-ups and wallpaper sized photos competing for my limited attention. And don’t even get me started on the GIFS!

So tell me, what’s your biggest pet blogging peeve? What makes you close the window and move on?

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    • ha! Actually that’s the key message here – I’m busy and just trying to read, just make it easy! Stumbling over a million ads is my #1 annoyance. You don’t have that problem. Your blogs are to the point and text broken up nicely. I actually Do read it, lol.


  1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one! And that comic was spot on, lol πŸ˜„ It’s hard enough reading blogs on a desktop with ads, but reading the mobile version (because yeah, we’re busy) is almost impossible. I love reading your posts because I never have to wonder where you stand (plus you have super-cool costumes πŸ‘Š).


    • Thanks! And yes the mobile versions with the ads drive me crazy too. Especially if it is like 3 sentences, ad, ad, ad, one more sentence, giant title photo made for pinterest, ad, then FINALLY the article starts… By then I have moved on.


  2. I absolutely love this post!!! I feel the same freaking way! I refuse to put ads on my blog because I think they are so annoying; however, now I know I can read yours without the annoying points with most mom blogs


  3. These are all really good reasons, and I agree! Nothing makes me nope-out faster than a huge wall of text or a pop-up. Even faster if the choices to click are “Yes, I rock” & “No, I suck.” Ugh!


  4. haha, your rant was the best. I just want to read the content too. Get to the point!
    don’t go to my blog though…I just posted a big picture of my living room and I try to make money off ads…bahahaha!!!


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