Make Drinking Water Fun with Gululu Go

*This is a sponsored post in partnership with BraVoMark and Gululu*

Do you remember Tamagotchi pets? What about Furbies? Every childhood since the 80s has had a long line of electronic or animatronic pet options.  Sure, they kept us entertained, but what if that virtual companion could also help build healthy habits?

That’s the premise behind a new interactive kids water bottle by Gululu, called the Gululu Go, that features a virtual pet that encourages kids to drink water through gamification. When your child takes their first sip from this interactive water bottle, their pet sparks to life and they embark on an underwater adventure together with a goal to save the Gululu universe and return their lost pet to its home planet Ima. The game progresses as they meet their hydration goals. All the while, parents are updated about their child’s water intake through the dedicated app using the water bottle’s built-in sensory technology.

There are so many benefits of staying hydrated, from boosting brain power to clearer skin, but kids don’t always want to drink water. Or they just forget! I know I have a hard time getting my son to drink enough water, even when he’s been playing outdoors, flushed in the face and obviously in need of some H20.


By making a game out of drinking water, your child gets motivated to consume more water and as they do, they learn how their pet needs to stay hydrated to stay happy, grow and evolve. And according to their website, “this mutual caregiving builds the foundation of joy in drinking water.” Storytelling also plays a big part, and the content is automatically updated by Wi-Fi, opening a world of continuous exploration.

The bottle’s modular design, made from BPA-free materials, makes it easy to keep clean and bacteria-free by cleaning once a day. The Gululu Go sells on their website www.gululugo.com and Amazon for $147, but you can save 30% right now with promo code gulu-water18 – offer good until Oct. 1, 2018

You can choose from three fun colors: mermaid pink, bowhead blue or submarine yellow. And all US 2-day shipping is Free!


Gululu also supports kids health and hydration around the world by partnering with the Generosity.org organization. For every bottle purchased, a kid in a developing country is provided with a clean water well for life!

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