Hydrate in a Flash with SOS Electrolyte Drinks and Mix

Hydration is a vital part of staying healthy and feeling good, but sometimes it’s hard to chug enough water throughout the day to meet the requirements. And it can be particularly difficult to get kids to drink enough water. SOS Hydration comes to the rescue with their super fast hydrating formulas in the form of powder mixes and ready-to-drink beverages, plus a new PAW Patrol themed line just for kids!

*Products were sent free to review from SOS Hydration, but all opinions are my own.

sos hydration products

Hydration Affects Everything

Your body needs to replace the electrolytes it loses every day just from normal activities, and even more when you sweat. SOS was doctor formulated to replace those electrolytes quickly, with easy absorption and only 3g of sugar, 3g of carbs and 10 calories. Electrolytes are minerals that carry an electric charge and are vital to keeping your nervous system and muscles properly functioning and your internal environment balanced. They can be found in your blood, urine and sweat, which is also how you lose electrolytes. If they are not replaced, you get dehydrated which results in headaches, cramps, fatigue, low concentration and poor performance.

I know personally that if I let myself get dehydrated then I’m headed straight for a migraine. So one of the things I do when I get one is to drink an extra hydrating beverage like SOS. One thing I really liked about their drinks is that the flavor was not overpowering, which I can’t handle when I have a migraine. They have a nice mild flavor and no fake sweetener taste. The watermelon was my favorite of the ones I sampled.

sos hydration electrolyte drink mix

Kids and Hydration

Active kids get dehydrated easily, leading to the same issues as adults. Keeping them hydrated keeps them healthy and even boosts concentration. My son is not a big water drinker, but he is a big PAW Patrol fan. So he was excited to try the new SOS Kids electrolyte drink mixes featuring his favorite pups. It’s available in three flavors: PAWsome Mixed Berry, Soaring Strawberry and Splashin’ Lemonade. He gave all three a thumbs up, and this is from a kid who’s picky about his juice. We actually have a section of the fridge dedicated to his rejected juice box flavors that we save to give to friends.

The kids formulas are all low in sugar – much lower than his usual juice box, plus there’s the bonus that he thinks he’s getting a special “energy drink” like mom and dad drink. The drink mixes are also formulated with Zinc and Vitamin C to help give their immune system a boost.

sos hydration paw patrol for kids

Now Go Get Hydrated

SOS’s approach is based on the importance of pre-hydrating to prevent the negative effects of dehydration ever impacting adults and children in the first place. By making easy to mix powders and delicious ready-made drinks, they encourage everyone to stay hydrated throughout the day.

You can find SOS Hydration products on their website at and at stores like CVS and Walmart. Their website also has a handy Store Locator tool to find the store closest to you.

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