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Week in Review – Everything, Nothing and a Book Club

This week I feel like I had a ton of stuff planned, cancelled on some it, got a lot of other “stuff” done, but still felt like I did nothing. I mostly caught up on blog stuff and posted a new video on YouTube for the Short Story Book Club.

Week in Review – Oct. 22 – 28

The Everything – At least that’s what it felt like I had on my to-do list this week. I mostly feel like I did 5 loads of laundry and folded 12. And there’s somehow still a pile of it on the pool table. Where does it all come from? All I know is I have to get it all done before we leave on a cruise in a few days! I did at least check off a lot on my to-do list….all little things that pile up over time.

The Nothing – We had plans for a Halloween party on Thursday night. We even bought tickets in advance. But with all the “everything” we had to get done, the one thing that didn’t happen was my husband getting his costume together. I gave him several simple options to match costumes I already had. He didn’t manage to do even the simplest thing so when the day came I was just over it. (He is actually very good at making his own costumes in case you think it’s weird that I make him do it himself. I’m busy dammit.) I suggested we just go for margaritas and tacos and our “costume” will be that of a couple without kids who gets to sit at the bar and have drinks. We already had the babysitter reserved and I wasn’t about to give that up!

The Book Club – I got to try a neat subscription box from The Short Story Book Club. You get a book, newsletter, comment cards and themed treats with each box! This month’s theme was “weird and wonderful” and the book was The Asylum of Dr. Caligari by James Morrow. Use code FXS10187 and get $5 off your subscription!

So that’s it for this past week. I’ll be posting sporadically for the next couple weeks while we prep for vacation and head off to the Panama Canal!

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