Thrilling the World with the Thriller Dance

Thrill the World is coming up on October 30th, are you ready? Every year around Halloween zombie dancers get together and do the dance from Michael Jackson’s iconic Thriller video and raise money for charity. I participated a few years ago, and even tried to break the world record at DragonCon one year, for the most people doing the Thriller dance at one time! I think we held the record for like a day before some giant group in Mexico beat us. But it was fun trying. I even made it into the newspaper!

Me and MJ’s silver glove

‘Cause this is Thriller, Thriller Night

When this song came out, Michael Jackson still looked normal, he was BIG and people loved him. I loved him! I still remember everyone gathering on the skating rink floor to sit down and watch the video for Thriller. It was such a big deal. I’d go to sleep with the radio on, but try and stay awake until midnight, because every night they’d play Thriller right at midnight. My son is going to have no idea what any of that is like. Of course now, if you want to see something you just look it up online and press play. But every time this song comes on, I think of those times when I was so excited to see the video or hear the song on the radio.

Thrill the World

There’s an organization called Thrill the World that does a charity event every year, where groups of people get together all over the world and do the dance while raising money for charity. You can find more about that on, where you can register for an event, find out what events are in your area, and learn the dance with easy to follow videos breaking down the choreography.

thrill the world

Check out the video from our 2009 attempt at DragonCon to break the world record! I’m somewhere near the back, dressed as an 80s zombie.

Just watching it makes me want to brush up on my Thriller dance skills 🙂

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