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Week in Review – A Housewarming, Stomping Sandcastles, a Giveaway and a New Idea

I’m not sure how this became a new Tuesday trend, but here we are again with the week in review on Tuesday (and it will be next week too!) This past week we finally had our housewarming party, even though the house renovation is only half finished. We’ve been working on it for two years, so figured we might as well warm at least half of it up. I spent most of the week cleaning up and preparing for that, so the only other thing we did was spend a little time at the beach, building and then destroying sandcastles. And if you missed my post from yesterday, I’m running a giveaway this week to give away an ocarina and two music books from STL Ocarina.

Week in Review – Nov. 27 – Dec. 1

Warm it up! – Our housewarming party almost got rained out, but we put up a few tents and still managed to roast a pig, light the fire fit and work our way around the drizzle that was in and out for most of the evening.

We’ve been renovating a house for about two years now and are at the halfway point. We still have the driveway to re-do and the backyard to completely overhaul. The landscaping is a constant project since we’ve lost a couple trees to bad storms and some plants to a colder than usual winter last year so we have a lot of little new plants. I can’t wait until it grows in!

At first I wasn’t sure about putting a picture of my house on the blog, but then I figure it’s nothing more than you’ll see if you go to Google maps, lol.

Here’s the Before & After:

Getting Sandy – K is finally getting to where he wants to build sandcastles. Usually he just wants to throw sand or bury his cars, but on the last couple beach visits he brought his sand toys and gave building a try for a little bit. Mostly just so he could stomp it all down. I felt like he should be wearing those Dinosaur slippers I wrote about last week! We didn’t have a very eventful week, so this is the big news, lol. My son is finally showing an interest in sand sculpting after two years at the beach, and a lot of sand in my face.

A New Giveaway! – If you are Legend of Zelda fan, or a fan of making music, you don’t want to miss this Monday post and giveaway-  You can win a free ocarina and two music books from STLOcarina.com.


That’s it for this past week. My new idea is to maybe change the name of the Week in Review to something like the Blog Digest and make it a newsletter as well. Because a lot of times it’s not just the week in review, but also what’s coming up and blog post highlights. Sort of like a little mini blogs in one. Hoping to get started on that next week. If not, than it I’ll just keep on going with the same name until I figure it out!

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