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Week in Review: Jacksonville Zoo, Training Wheels, Blogging Buddies and Grandma’s Secret Products

This week we went to the zoo, took off some training wheels, met up with a blogging friend and leveled up our laundry with Grandma’s Secret Products.

Week in Review: January 13 – 19

The big bike ride – If you read my post on Friday, then you know the big news this past week was my son learning to ride a bike! He started with a balance bike when he was just starting to walk and you can really tell it helped him master riding a regular bike way faster than usual. He got his training wheels off in the morning and was riding hills and challenging his dad to a race by that evening. I can barely keep up with him now!


We had a great time at the Jacksonville Zoo this week! It’s been a while since we’ve been, and it seems like it’s a new place every time we go because I’m never sure what my son will be interested in or want to do. He’s more interactive with each visit. He really loved seeing the snakes and reptiles and playing on the playground. Last time we were there, he was still too little to enjoy a lot of the playground activities. But this time he played on everything, rode the train and the carousel, and was actually interested in seeing the animals. I love the way you can make an entire day out of visiting! I grabbed a brochure and plan to check out becoming a member again soon.

The real world and Internet collided on Wednesday when I got to meet a blogging buddy from Facebook in person! Darlene blogs at BabyCostsMoney.com and is the Managing Editor of Hulafrog in Boulder, CO. We had a fun playdate with her daughter at the park and the beach, while she was in town visiting family. I just think its SO cool when blogging turns into meeting people for real. And you know them so well from reading their blogs that you don’t feel like strangers when you meet! Or maybe it was just because Darlene seems like a cool chick I’d hang with blog or no blog.

sandy pants kids

Blogging buddy beach day!

And now for this week’s Sponsor Product – Grandma’s Secret Products

Ever since having a little boy, I’ve had to learn a lot about cleaning up messes and dirty laundry. Vinegar has become my best friend during these potty training years (it gets rid of stinky pee smells.) One thing that could use some improvement is my stain removing technique, so several of my son’s shirts have spots on them I couldn’t get out.


That is, until Grandma’s Secret Products sent me their best-selling Spot Remover to try out, along with their laundry spray and sneaker cleaner. I gave the Spot Remover a test on a couple of old stubborn stains, with great results. It completely removed the old food stain on one shirt and mostly removed the mystery stain on the other shirt. I also put it around a very dirty collar and it completely cleaned it.

I’ll definitely be adding these products to my cleaning arsenal and am currently going through my old clothes to see if I can fix any stains I thought were lost causes. Apparently I needed to step up my cleaning game! You can purchase the products on their website or find it in stores like Walmart and Hobby Lobby. Be sure to sign up on their website at http://grandmassecretproducts.com for coupons and special deals.

Up Next: I’m going to see Cher! I’m pretty excited and still trying to figure out what to wear 🙂


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