That One Time I Didn’t Take the Interview Seriously

I can’t remember exactly why I didn’t take it too seriously. I think a few opportunities had fallen through recently and I was feeling cautious, so a few red flags made me suspect the e-mail wasn’t legit. The person said they were working with Jacksonville Magazine, but the message was from a Yahoo e-mail address, there were a couple typos in the message and they were requesting my Top 10 Fashion Must Haves when I owned a costume store. 

And that’s how I ended up in a magazine dressed as a fairy spouting some questionable fashion advice about old jeans and vampire teeth.

I read the e-mail, thought a few things seemed odd, but figured what the heck I’ll answer back, and quickly made a funny list of my special “fashion” tips and sent them a photo of me dressed as a very fashionable fairy. Turns out, it was a feature for 904 Magazine (part of Jax Mag) called Young Guns and there I was in print with my ten silly fashion tips 🙄

904 magazine candy keane

If they contacted me now my list would be WAY different. My current must-haves consist of leggings and tank tops and a nice pair of flip-flops. I currently save the vampire fangs only for special occasions.

So what would your list look like?

That one time, I posted about shark penis

I’m pretty new to my neighborhood, and I’m happy to be getting to know my new neighbors, I just didn’t think I’d be known for shark penis. Or claspers, if you will. I now know way more about shark genitalia than I need to.

See, we all thought it was a baby ray. We are always finding interesting things at the beach and one night during our evening stroll I spotted what I thought was a dead stingray. So of course I handed my son a stick and told him he could poke at it. We flipped it over to check it out, flipped it back, took pictures of the whole thing and then posted it to Facebook. This is where the penis comes in.


A friend responds to my post, pointing out it is not a dead ray, but in fact, “shark genitalia.” I was like, whaaaaaaat?? And also wondering why he knew that. I immediately Googled for more info and he was correct. It was shark genitalia I had been taking pics of and the rest of the shark was nowhere to be found.


In all my years at the beach, I have never run across any part of a shark besides teeth. So I went and posted the photo in our neighborhood Facebook group and that’s when things really started to blow up.

Some people were outraged about an alleged shark castrator on the loose, and others complained about those people being too sensitive. There were Tons of comments. Some people found various parts of the shark at other nearby beach accesses. The head was found about a block away.

Apparently, the real story is there were some fishing boats off shore that weekend and sometimes they chop up the usable parts and then throw the rest back in. I don’t think they’re supposed to do that, and I’m not really sure what transpired here, but I’m sure it wasn’t some weird anti-shark antics. I’m happy to say I haven’t ever seen anything like this since then. But there was one guy in the comments who might not feel the same way-

His comment- “Do you still have it? I’m very interested.”

Um. NO. WTF? He actually thinks I took this home??

I have no idea what he wanted shark claspers for, but I don’t plan on asking! The only shark parts I’m taking home from the beach are teeth. Unfortunately I’m not so good at finding teeth. But apparently, stick a random shark penis on the beach and I’ll spot that thing no problem.


A challenge to help children

My husband travels a lot, and he’s the chatty type who meets people on planes. I’m the type who clams up and reads a book. This leaves him with much better traveling stories. One of his favorites to tell is about the time he met Karen Wolfson. He shared his advice on a few good leadership books and she shared her advice on a good pediatrician for our soon to be born son. Why would this be a recommendation not to be ignored? Because Wolfson Children’s Hospital was named among the top three children’s hospitals in Florida by Child Magazine, so Karen Wolfson knows what she’s talking about.

WolfsonI got the chance to reconnect with Karen on LinkedIn recently and she mentioned the hospital was currently doing their major fundraising event, the Wolfson Children’s Challenge. This annual event, now in its 9th year, features marathons, a fun run and other family-friendly activities. This Thursday, 1/18, the telethon portion starts at CH 4 and runs from 6AM – 11:30PM.

Fourteen teams represent all different volunteer sectors from the Jacksonville region, from mom groups to businesses. Every bit of the money raised goes directly to the hospital and is used for equipment, patient care, and to help cover many other hospital needs. Wolfson is a non-profit helping all children in need, so additional funding through philanthropy is essential for the hospital to meet their goal of providing the same quality care for all children.

When I asked Karen why she was passionate about this cause, she replied “My reason for participating is that children cannot do this for themselves. Each child is precious and deserves the best health possible so that each child can become the person God has created.”

I think that’s worth a call! The telethon won’t be televised all day but will be highlighted every hour on CH 4. You can call 904-348-6022 or 1-800-366-9598 to help with a donation anytime from 6AM – 11:30PM.


Tinkering around at Tinkergarten

img_8833Our adventure today was a Tinkergarten class, held at Cradle Creek Preserve in Jacksonville Beach, FL. Tinkergarten is an outdoor learning experience held at local parks, where kids 18 months – 8 years learn through play and exploring the outdoors. They have it set up in 43 states so far, so check out the website to find a class near you. They offer a free trial class, so we signed up to give it a try and ventured out on a cloudy drizzly Wednesday morning to go get our nature on.

We arrived nice and early and then discovered there were no bathrooms. As soon as I learn there are no bathrooms somewhere, I always suddenly, urgently have to pee. I wasn’t up for squatting in the woods (at least not this time) so we took a quick detour to the gas station and headed back. Our class leader Sara said she was looking into moving it to a different park with better amenities and parking. There were only maybe 4 spots in the lot, but you can park on the side of the street.

We got started with a little song and then read a story that just happened to be my favorite book from kindergarten, Stone Soup. After the story, the kids got to participate in making their own version of stone soup using dirt, sticks, leaves and whatever else they could scavenge. My favorite part was when they added the “seasonings” from a bag of lavender that smelled heavenly.

The age range for our class was about 2 – 5, so it was hectic but fun. There were wanderers and the occasional tantrum breakdown, but overall all the kids seemed to enjoy it. Keelan wasn’t sure at first, but after a few minutes he got really into making his “soup” with water and dirt and even went back for extra seasonings.

I’m waiting to hear if the class is going to be moved to a park with bathrooms before we sign up. I really did like getting to visit the nature preserve location because there weren’t any other distractions around, but I can’t be peeing in the bushes. I mean, I just met these people and it’s not exactly a kegger in the woods. 😆

Check out their website to see if there is a class near you, and if not, you can also sign up to be a class leader in your area. I’m actually looking into that myself since I’d like to get paid to play outside with the kiddo!

The Hands On Adventure

IMG_4084Our toddler adventure for today was at the Hands On Children’s Museum in Jacksonville, FL. I went in expecting it to be on the science-y side, but it ended up being more like a museum of real life.  There was a grocery store, bank, veterinarian, cafe, theater, etc. I’m not really sure where the “museum” part comes in… maybe because it has been there for 17 years? Lol

Everything was a little old and beat up, and it was hot and some stuff was stinky, but you know who doesn’t care about any of that? A two-year-old. So I just took a step back and let him go crazy and play with everything. We’ve got to kick that immune system into high gear for our impending date with preschool anyway!

It’s definitely worth checking out if you live in Jacksonville. We were there a couple hours and K didn’t want to leave! I think it’s odd that parents have to pay $5.50 to sit and watch their kid, so essentially that made it a $9.50 visit. But overall worth the trip since I had a tired baby afterwards!