Geek of the Week: The Honestly Geeky Alyssa

Casual Rarity cosplay

1) Let’s start with the basics – name, what do you do, etc.
My name is Alyssa LaComb, and I’m currently a stay-at-home mom and student, working towards my degree in Dental Hygiene at FSCJ. I have a blog, at, but I have been SO BAD at keeping it current. I’m trying to get my motivation back for it, but my energy has been pretty low for the last several weeks…hopefully that will turn around soon! (Thyroid issues suuuuuuck)

2) What do you geek out on?
I would consider myself a multi-faceted geek ūüôā I love reading, video games, cooking, board¬†games, costuming. My husband and I actually met on a “nerd cruise” (the JoCoCruise in 2014) and we’ll be back on the JoCo boat this March! I actually used to make geeky nail polish before I moved to Florida, but with a toddler it’s out of the question! I do not want glitter all over the house! I had collections inspired by Star Wars, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, a mini comic-inspired set, and a mini music-inspired Valentine’s Day set. It was a lot of fun and a great creative outlet.

Dr. Who Inspired Nail Polish
Dr. Who Inspired Nail Polish

I tend to geek out over historical fiction and high fantasy books, stuff like Diana Gabaldon and Brandon Sanderson or George R. R. Martin. I’ve been playing through Red Dead Redemption II, but my favorite video game in the past year was definitely Breath of the Wild.

As for cooking, I love baking and experimenting with flavors from different cultures; I made my stepson a custom Sonic the Hedgehog themed cake for his 13th birthday, and today I’ve been making salt-preserved Meyer¬†lemons, to be used in future Middle Eastern dishes!


I haven’t gotten *too* into cosplay, mostly because I don’t have a dedicated sewing or craft room. When I had a booth for my nail polish at the 2013¬†Pittsburgh Comicon, I made young Elizabeth’s blouse and skirt, from Bioshock Infinite. It was so much fun, but also kinda stressful because¬†I am super exacting about authenticity. I never got any good pictures of me wearing it, sadly, but it’s packed away in my closet for future use!

3) Marvel or DC? and Why?
Right now, DC Vertigo because they publish the Sandman Universe comics! I also have Wonder Woman in my pull list. HOWEVER if we’re talking movies, then it’s Marvel all the way.

4) Star Wars or Star Trek? and Why?
While I like Star Wars, I much prefer Star Trek. When I was in middle school I would walk from school and make it home just in time to catch Voyager. I love that the primary focus of the Federation’s missions are science-based, not expansion or conquest based. They set out to explore the galaxy in search of knowledge, not power.

Pestering Wil Wheaton on the set of The Big Bang Theory!
Pestering Wil Wheaton on the set of The Big Bang Theory!

5) Were you a geeky kid or did you come into it later in life?
I think I was fairly geeky as a kid – I was in choir and drama, and a bookworm, and whenever I went to my aunt’s house I would decline shopping trips (what was I thinking?!) in order to spend time playing The Oregon Trail on her computer.

6) Are your kids into the geek stuff too?
My stepson Isaac loves designing his own fonts, coding (like his dad), and all things Sonic the Hedgehog. Ben’s favorite stuffed animal is his stuffed Batman bear. He loves the moon, stars, spaceships,¬†and astronauts, and can even name all of the planets! Sure, sometimes he recites them as “Mercury, Penis, Earth, Mars…” but he’s mostly right!

7) Are you working on anything right now you’d like to share?
I’ve got a pretty cool long-term craft project in the works, but it’s not quite at a shareable point. Soon!

Thank you to  Alyssa for answering my seven geeky questions! Are you a Geek Mama (or Dad!) that would like to be featured? Contact me!

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