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Sign a Unique Global Mother’s Day Card and Help Break a World Record

*Post sponsored by WishYoo and NO MORE*

This year for Mother’s Day, WishYoo and NO MORE are partnering to offer an alternative to the traditional Mother’s Day card with a goal of saving time and money to moms around the world, and to help stop the destruction of 5 million trees every year. They’ve created a collaborative Thank-You card where everyone can hand-write their own message to their mom, and maybe break a world record in the process!


Check out their card and sign it for yourself at: Global Mother’s Day Card

The Global Mother’s Day Card was launched last month in the UK and now the US and other countries as our Mother’s Day approaches. The card is a charity year-round event, which supports No More’s dedication to prevent domestic violence and sexual assault worldwide.

The organizers of this campaign are hoping to earn World Guinness Record for the largest collaborative greeting card, and gain more than 40,000 signatures to surpass the current record held by Nestlé Middle East.

It costs nothing to sign the card, and according to the organizers, “helps to stand as a reminder of the way technology can be used to preserve the environment and our forests, while at the same time preserving the beautiful memories of those closest to us.”

WishYoo is a unique e-card site where you can personalize and sign cards right on your phone. They’ve created the Global Mother’s Day card on their patented platform. Check out everyone involved here: 

Help get the word out and share the campaign with #GlobalMothersDay

And don’t forget to sign the card:

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  1. Love the statement that they are making! It turns out, my dad is a revolutionary. A few years ago, he said he wasn’t sending any more cards and that we should just text a pic of the card we choose for him. He doesn’t care about the earth — he’s just cheap. But he might be on to something. When cards aren’t a thing anymore, maybe we can send nature memes or something? LOL


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