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Thrown Off Track by My Birthday

I was all caught up and chugging along with blog posts in a timely manner, and then my birthday crept up on me, along with a trip to see my mom and a stop at LEGOLAND and now here we are a week later with no new posts and a giant to-do list.

Hard to believe we are in the last week of September with Halloween looming in the very near future. I have NO idea what we are dressing up as either. It’s really hard to plan with a kid that changes his mind every 10 seconds and may or may not wear a costume at all.

I’ve been pecking away at my list all week and someone how it just keeps growing as I cross things off. I have a lot of house and yard type things on it and those keep tugging at me and keeping me away from the computer. I haven’t felt the spark that makes me sit down and bang out a post right away. That’s what I need to get really caught up. It feels like the wheels in my brain got a little rusty this past week. Must be that new year creeping on me, lol. I just turned 44 and I’m feeling it.

So this post is about nothing and everything, because I feel the need to write something and find that sometimes just managing to write a post about not writing helps get things working again. Pretty sure every blog I’ve ever read has a post about not writing. This blog has had several over the past five years I’ve been writing it.

And now it’s back to that mile long to-do list. At least I can cross off “post on blog” today!


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