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Keane Interest: Happy Valentine’s Day 2020 Edition

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! The holiday this year is pretty special for me, since my husband has just returned from a very long deployment! I got my hair color touched up, picked out a new dress, reservations are made a favorite restaurant and there’s a bouquet of beef jerky roses on the way (for him, not me, but he better share). I also did handmade Valentine cards for my son’s class.

My Valentine Beauty Prep

First thing I had to do was take care of my highlights and dark roots. So I went to Georjie Odom at Lulu Mae who brought me back to a fresh natural looking blond. A full round of highlights, base bump and root smudge later and I was ready for the big date!

The Homecoming

After I got my hair done, next up was the big homecoming from a very long deployment overseas. I’m so glad it’s done and my husband is finally home! He flew into the states Tuesday night and the took a commercial flight home so we got to meet him at the airport. The day before our son did a good job of helping wash dad’s truck so it was nice and clean when he got home. Ever since he’s returned it’s been “daddy this and daddy that, and mom I want daddy to do it,” and I’m so totally OK with taking a break, lol.

The Valentine Outfit

I didn’t have to go out and shop for a new Valentine date night dress this year- one was sent right to me, and they even picked it out! I did an unboxing for the styling service Fashom.com and one of the dresses was the perfect look for the big date night. And right now, if you sign up for a fashion box using my link, you get a $20 credit for your first order! https://invite.fashom.com/Fmrnul9E43

The Food and Flowers

Valentine’s Day always involves some kind of food and flowers, so this year the food part will be at Restaurant Doro, where we like to sit at the “chef’s table” aka the bar. We enjoy watching them prep the food and seeing all the yummy things that go out. Doro is one of those places where everything on your plate looks as wonderful as it tastes. I’m sure there will be Instagram photos of it all afterwards!

As far as flowers go, the roses this year are coming from me, in the form of a beef jerky bouquet from Manly Man Co. So the flowers are the food too! These things sell out quickly so NOW is a good time to pre-order your own bouquet for Father’s Day!

valentine bouquet for men

The Handmade Valentine Cards

Each year I feel compelled to hand make Valentine cards for my son’s class. The first time I did little toy cars, then Play-Doh valentine’s and this year I picked glow sticks. I try to go with non-candy Valentine card options because he ends up with so many sugary treats no matter what. I also tend to do them at the last minute and then not get my blog post and tutorial up until AFTER Valentine’s Day, so I’m only helpful for the next year. I even saved a printable file for this one! So if you like these, just remember to come back next year and you’ll be all set. The “From” part has a line for the kids to sign their own name, which is what the teacher requested this year. Getting a four-year-old to sign 14 cards was probably the least fun part of the holiday, lol.

glow stick valentine cards for kids

So that’s it for the day! Time for me to get off this computer and go do my final prep – paint my nails. Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and weekend. What kind of fun things are you planning for today?

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