Fashom Styling Service Review: New Style for the New Year

Near the end of 2019, contacted me about trying out their styling service and doing an unboxing on Facebook Live. I was very intrigued to try a styling service because my size and weight has been all over the place since having a baby. I barely know my size or body any more and shopping is just tough with a child tagging along. I usually go right for jeans and t-shirts, or tank tops and shorts. I wanted a little more style! So I agreed to give it a try after the craziness of the holidays had passed.

What is Fashom?

Fashom is an online styling service where you can get a box of clothes any time you want. It’s not a subscription, so there’s no commitment. After your stylist puts together your outfits, you preview the choices and choose what gets shipped to you. They offer budget-friendly options from ethically sourced vendors from around the world. You only pay for what you keep and get discounts for keeping three or more pieces.

Box from Fashom Styling service
Ready to open this box!

Hello 2020! New Year, New Style

You start your styling session by answering basic questions like size, height, weight, etc. I had a hard time with the “size” question since it always depends on the brand. They do have a size chart which was really helpful, and I chose “medium” based on my measurements. You also choose things like your body type and features you like to highlight or hide.

Later in the questionnaire, they dig a little deeper into your personal style with questions about favorite colors and prints, and which ones you avoid. There’s also space for special requests so you can give your stylist additional info. The more information they have, the better they will able to style you!

Fashom’s styling is done by real people, not computers. You are assigned a real stylist that chooses clothes based on your profile. You can even schedule a video chat session and speak directly to your own personal stylist! Your first styling session is free, and after that it’s $15.


Next up: Choose your items

Within a couple days, you’ll get a message letting you know your selections are ready. You get to see what has been picked out for you, and choose five items to have sent for you to try at home. Shipping is free!

Your box will arrive in 10-12 days after you send in your selections. You have three days to try everything and choose what you want to keep. You send back what you don’t want in their handy bag, already labeled and shipping is free on returns as well! You can also make exchanges for free if you want to try another size or item. They make the process very easy from start to finish. Plus you get a 25% discount for keeping at least three pieces, and a 30% discount for keeping all five.

The Big Unboxing

I was excited to try out the things that were sent, but managed to wait to open it until the Facebook Live event. You can see my unboxing on Facebook to see my reactions as I opened the box and saw everything for the first time:

Immediately after I finished the unboxing, I tried on all the items and had a friend snap some pics. Overall, I was impressed that everything was the correct size. I ended up keeping three of my five items.

The Clothing Review

This dress fit in all the right ways. The fabric was soft and stretchy, but not too thin or too tight. It showed just enough cleavage without me worrying about a nip slip, and it was long enough to bend over without my undies showing.


Please excuse the funny face, but I was trying to see how this skirt looked with a more fitted top. I ended up keeping it because I feel like I can make it work with a cute white top, just not the one I was sent. That white top had an odd boxy kind of fit on me so I sent that one back. I have D-cup boobs, so unless a shirt shows a bit of a waist then it just makes me look wider than I am. This is the kind of stuff you want to mention to your stylist! Since this was my first time trying something like this, I couldn’t think of anything really specific to mention. Next time I would say: “I need a waist!”

The next item I wasn’t sure about, because I thought it had some weird floppy attachments. I took a look at the website photo afterwards and realized those were SLEEVES! lol. I still felt like maybe I could make it work, especially after I discovered it had pockets! The later discovery that I had it on wrong made it a keeper. I am 5’9″ and long in the torso so it is rare for me to find one piece outfits that don’t feel like they are trying to cut me in half.

The other item I sent back was a an olive green shirt. The fabric made it fit a bit odd, it felt clingy but loose at the same time. And I was a little iffy about the tassels on the sleeves. A different fabric and just a decorative ribbon without the tassels and I think it would have worked.


So that’s everything! I had a really good experience and enjoyed getting to try new clothes on at home. And I can’t wait to wear my new dress for Valentine’s Day!

If you’d like to try Fashom, be sure to use this link and save $10 off your first box!

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