Hello Fresh Compared to Every Plate

I’ve been enjoying my Hello Fresh meal box subscription for a bit, but wanted to see what different places were like since there are SO many now. So I put Hello Fresh on pause last week and gave Every Plate a try. Here’s the breakdown comparing the two.

**Also, because I plan to keep Hello Fresh for a while, if you want to try it out, Please Click Here to Save $40 on Your First Hello Fresh Box! (and I get $10 off my boxes, yay! and thank you!)

hello fresh vs every plate

Hello Fresh vs Every Plate

Every Plate is the cheaper of the two meal boxes, and I feel you can definitely tell. They have some similar recipes but overall Every Plate has more classic meals, where I feel like Hello Fresh has a lot of unique flavor options. If you want something beyond chicken, even something as simple as tilapia, there was an upcharge. They keep their prices low by offering decent, but simple meals with cheaper ingredients.

Every Plate Panko Breaded Chicken

Little Details Make a Difference

Both Hello Fresh and Every Plate are delivered in similar well-insulated boxes. As far as delivery reliability goes, they are similar as well. Both companies have sent me deliveries a day late!

Once you open the box, things change a bit. While Hello Fresh comes in individual paper bags for each meal, Every Plate puts everything in one little box and you separate it yourself. This isn’t a big deal, but it’s just an extra step. Also, the recipe cards for Every Plate are about half the size, so they are harder to read.

The food was all delivered cold and fresh, the recipes were pretty simple, but the resulting meal didn’t seem to have as much flavor as our Hello Fresh meals. I actually found myself using some of the cooking skills I’d learned with my Hello Fresh boxes to up the flavor on our Every Plate dinner.

Every Plate pork and pineapple tacos
My favorite selection: Every Plate Pork and Pineapple Tacos

And the Winner Is:

Hello Fresh! More creative recipe selection, healthier options, decently priced seafood and steak.

I’ll be cancelling Every Plate after this week. The food itself was good quality and fresh, but feel like I already have most of this stuff in the kitchen and can come up with these meals myself. (* Update 8/5/20 – Every Plate has grown on me a bit and I actually didn’t cancel it! It is really the most affordable one and the menu selections got a bit better. I kept my account open for now and have been switching back and forth between the two.)

However, I do actually recommend Every Plate if you are just starting out cooking, or want something nice and simple. Click here to save $20 off your first box!

I cook a lot and like Hello Fresh because it helps me learn new techniques and try new flavors. It’s for those that like to be a little more adventurous in the kitchen. If you want to read more details about Hello Fresh, be sure to check out my post: Hello Fresh Gets a 5 Star Review.

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