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A Garlic Press, Pumpkin Latte Candle, Taco Stands and Iron in a Bottle

My favorite things I’ve gotten to try this month include a garlic press from Zulay Kitchen, a pumpkin latte candle from Chesapeake Bay, taco stands and Tom & Shari’s Iron in a Bottle.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, I did a weekly round-up of events I went to and things I was doing. As those things now mostly consist of laundry, deciding what to eat, and trying not to go crazy, I decided to switch to things I have purchased or was sent to review and really liked.

Premium Garlic Press by Zulay Kitchen

My plastic garlic press had recently broken so I was happy to try this Premium Metal Garlic Press gifted to me by Zulay Kitchen. Wow, what an upgrade! The metal one is so much easier to use and does a better job of pressing a lot of garlic through the holes without a lot of squeezing. Clean-up is easy too- just open it up and the rest of the garlic slides out. It can also be used to crush ginger, nuts, pepper and more!

You can purchase Zulay kitchen products through their website, ZulayKitchen.com. *Save 10% with code SEWGEEKMAMA10 until 9/13/20

Pumpkin Latte Scented Candle by Chesapeake Bay

As soon as I opened the lid on this Chesapeake Bay candle I was imagining cool fall days and my favorite holiday- Halloween! And also my favorite seasonal drink, a Pumpkin Spice Latte. This candle smells so good that my husband and son thought I was baking pumpkin bread. I was sent this candle to review for a home goods website.

Click here to check out more of their scented candle picks!

Taco Stand Trays

I was making tacos and my husband mentioned we could really use some taco stands I only seem to remember this when I’m making tacos and wishing they would stay standing up, so I ran to the computer and thanks to Amazon had taco stands delivered the next day. I don’t know why I waited so long! Funny how something so simple makes things so much easier.

These were the perfect size for two tacos, easy to clean and dishwasher safe. I’ve been making more tacos than usual due to trying out meal kits like Hello Fresh and Every Plate, and have already put these to use several times!

Tom & Shari’s Iron in a Bottle

I was sent a little travel size bottle of Tom & Sheri’s Iron in a Bottle to try, and although I don’t think it would totally replace my traditional iron, it would be great to bring while traveling! It’s also handy for quick touch-ups without dragging out the iron and ironing board. You just spray, shake and smooth the wrinkles away.

The magic wrinkle releasing ingredient is a plant-based surfactant they liken to hair conditioner. But instead of smoothing hair, it smoothes your clothes. Click here to check out their website for bundle deals and sign up for their newsletter to get 10% off your order.

That’s it for this random round-up of favorite things of the month! I’m happy to answer any questions about the products I’ve tried. And although some of these products were sent to me for free, my opinions are honest and my own.

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