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How We Adapted to Challenges of COVID-19

When the world changes, you have to change with it. So when COVID-19 hit and quarantine kicked in, we had to make some changes to our daily life and we had to adapt quickly. No more school, working from home, social distancing and mask wearing were just a few of the things that suddenly became part of daily life.

Here’s just a few of the ways we adapted to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic:


My son was just getting into the swing of things in preschool and kindergarten prep, so when school shut down we knew we needed to keep up on things. Every day we try to do some “learning time” and practice the alphabet, writing and sight words. We try to make it fun, but honestly it’s a struggle. I can only imagine what parents are going through with kids in regular school! Out of all of this, I think school is the thing I miss the most. I need the break and my son is WAY better at learning in the classroom than he is at home! I really hope things are better enough by August for school to resume.

homeschooling during COVID-19

We Finally Got Disney+

Everybody was talking about Disney+ and The Mandalorian when it came out, but I didn’t feel like watching a whole new TV series and we had plenty of stuff already on Netflix and Amazon Prime. I didn’t think we needed another channel. Well after being stuck at home with a 5-year-old for a few weeks and watching everything a million times, I decided yes indeed we needed more channels, especially one with ALL the Disney movies. So I finally succumbed to the lure of Disney TV.

I have to admit, I do love that it has all the Star Wars movies! And if COVID-19 hadn’t kicked up, I’d probably want to subscribe anyway when the new Obi-Wan series with Ewan McGregor is added, though it will be a shame if some predictions hold true and it doesn’t end up being ready until June 2022. Of course, there’s plenty of stuff on there to keep us entertained until then.


Working from Home

While working from home is normal for me, it’s a new thing for my husband. In fact, just being home isn’t even normal for him since he was deployed overseas all last year. We adapted by turning part of our bedroom into a home office. We also added a new bedroom door with a lock so there could be more privacy. Now we both have a small desk area and a quiet place to escape the constant pestering of a small child. Not that it actually works, as we both still get interrupted about a thousand times a day. But it sort of works, so we’ll take it.

Working from home during the pandemic

I Started Sewing Masks

Once I realized everyone was going to be needing masks, I got to work drafting a pattern for a simple but comfortable face mask. Then I started sewing. And sewing. And I’m still sewing! I’ve made enough to donate a good portion and am also still selling them in my Etsy Shop: SewGeekMama on Etsy. I only list the Etsy ones when they are ready to ship because I never know what my days are going to be like, and some days I don’t have time to sew at all. I’ve stayed up late many nights sewing, which is something I haven’t done in a while. I have actually really enjoyed sewing something so useful! Seeing the positive feedback and reviews from people make me pretty happy too.

Sewing Face masks

Social Distancing

It takes an effort for me to be social, so when all upcoming events were cancelled I was both disappointed and kind of relieved to clear my calendar. The hardest thing to do was stay away from friends who have kids my son’s age. I can only play LEGOs/Nerf war/car chase so many times before I need a break. So we selectively socialized within our neighborhood. We also took advantage of the beautiful cool weather and hung out by our fire pit every night, while waving to neighbors as they walked by.

How have you adapted to Covid-19?

While looking through photos for this post I realized there were many other things we did, like working on house projects, drive-through preschool graduation and paying more attention to the amount of toilet paper we consumed, but these were a few of the main things I thought of.

So how is it at your house? Are you working from home and making changes? Or is it business as usual? I find it interesting to hear about what others are doing in this really weird time in history. Please leave me a comment and let me know how the pandemic has changed your life in this moment.

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