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Weekly Round-up: TikTok, Fashom and Eco Gloves

This week I finally joined TikTok, got a new clothing box from Fashom and partnered with Eco Gloves to send a glove sample to everyone who orders a mask from my Etsy shop.

getting ready to open up a box from Fashom
Getting ready to open my Fashom box!

Follow SewGeekMama on TikTok

I’ve been holding off on joining TikTok for a while just to make sure it wasn’t going to fizzle out quickly. So of course now that I finally joined, rumors are swirling of it being shut down. But oh well, I’m having fun for now at least! Find me on there as @SewGeekMama

I was actually trying to make a nice video showing the new mask I made and add background music. My son had other plans and the real video sound was much better, lol. I pretty much get shot by a Nerf gun at least once a day. Click here to see the mask in my Etsy Shop.


Trying to show off the new mask I made, while under Nerf fire 😆 #face mask #boymomlife #maskmaker

♬ original sound – Candy Keane –

Get Styled By Fashom

I really enjoyed getting a box of things picked out for me to try on from Fashom.com so I ordered another box recently and ended up with a new cute top. So far, each box has had a winner. Your first styling session is free, plus if you use my referral link, you’ll get $10 off your first box!


After that there’s a $15 styling fee for each new box, but it’s added as a credit on your purchases. So as long as you buy something, it works out to no styling fee each time. And shipping both ways is always free! I feel like it’s a fun way to try new things I might not pick out for myself, and I don’t have to bother going to the store.

new shirt from fashom styling box

Stay Protected with Eco Gloves

I shared Eco Gloves when they were just in the Kickstarter phase, and wow, what a timely product! When the pandemic hit and I started making masks, I sent a free sample of their gloves with all my orders until I ran out. I’m happy to say they are sending me more gloves to include with my masks! I should be able to start including them with orders again in a week or so.

eco gloves anti-germ gloves

Eco Gloves are made from 100% plant-based materials, are fully compostable and they emit less carbon during the production process leaving less of a carbon footprint. You can get them in the single packet style, or in the new bulk box that comes with 100 gloves!

Check them out at EcoGlove.com and use promo code CANDYKEANE for 10% off!

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