Newsletters, Mail Chimp and Spam

I started the Geek Mamas newsletter a couple years ago, but always forget to send it out. So imagine my surprise when I finally did send it this month and Mail Chimp sent me a spam notice and basically said I need to start over or have everyone reconfirm.

Please click here to join the newsletter that I’d like to send out a little more often, and keep reading to see what actually goes in it.

geek mamas newsletter
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

I Don’t Like Spam

I get really annoyed by newsletters, advertising e-mails, etc, that constantly pop-up in my in-box. Even if I like the company, I don’t need to hear from them twice a week. I get so many e-mails than even once a week is pushing it, but I do have one or two that I keep around. So I am weirdly hesitant about sending newsletters. I always feel like I’m bugging people. But then I remind myself that these people actually signed up for these e-mail sooooo I should probably actually send one. And then I did and then 2.8% of those people decided to report it for spam. Was it something I said??

What’s in the Newsletter?

WordPress has a sign-up option where you get every single blog post, as its posted. The actual Geek Mamas newsletter is different, and is something I put together and send. It’s a great option for people that would like to keep up with blog posts, but just want the highlights. I send out a small summary and links to three or four of my favorite recent articles, plus something that isn’t on the blog. So I always try to include something extra with the newsletter.

My goal is to send it out twice a month, because I never ever want to spam people. And if you don’t like it and want to unsubscribe, please just click the unsubscribe button and not the spam button. The unsubscribe option is right there on every e-mail and just takes one click to do.

How Do I Sign Up?

Click here to sign up for the newsletter! All it takes is a name and e-mail. Then you’ll get a confirmation e-mail where you will have to click to confirm your sign-up. Please check your spam mail if you don’t get one. Mail Chimp is making the double opt-in process mandatory because of my suspected evil spamming action.

Hoping to get this thing going again! And I promise to never spam anyone with tons of messages or sell or give out the e-mail list addresses. I just want a direct way to reach people who might want to read what I post, without them needing to check the blog website all the time.

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