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Keane Interest: Suddenly Foam, Sun Tails Mermaids and Lazy Girl Art

This past week was pretty uneventful, but we managed to squeeze some fun in on the weekend with a kid’s foam party from Suddenly Foam, a new mermaid tail from Sun Tails and a visit to Lazy Girl Art Studio for the grand opening of their new larger space.

Suddenly Fun with Suddenly Foam

The last time I was at a foam party it was the early ’90s and it involved techno and glowsticks. Now 20 years later, it involves squealing kids and family-friendly pop songs. The situation may have changed, but one thing stayed the same – foam is fun!

Suddenly Foam operates in both Colorado and North Florida, and does 1-2 hour parties. All they need is a water hook-up, power and a wide open space to fill with foam! It’s a great choice during these socially-distant times because the party takes place outdoors.

The kids LOVED it! They turned on the music and then filled my driveway with a giant wave of foam- it got about 10 ft. high at one point! I was concerned it would creep over and cover the whole yard but it surprisingly stays put and contains itself to mostly one area. At the end they offer to spray it down and make it disappear, but I opted to leave it so they kids could play up until the last suds went down. And yes, even I got in the foamy fun:

Find out more and book your own party at SuddenlyFoam.com.

Mermaid Tails by Sun Tails

I can’t wait to try out this beautiful blue mermaid tail and monofin by Sun Tails! Their monofin design is a lot sturdier than the other mermaid tail I have, and I like the way their tail more completely covers the fin. Since my pool is under construction, I’m going to have to see if one of my neighbors doesn’t mind a visit from a mermaid…

Sun Tails mermaid tail and monofin

They make mermaid tails for kids and adults, along with matching bikini tops and shark fins! Check out their store at SuntailMermaid.com.

Lazy Girl Art Studio Grand Opening

My son and I stopped by Lazy Girl Art Studio for their Grand Opening on Sunday. Since I had a small child pestering me for toys the whole time, I forgot to take any photos. They just moved into a larger space in the Avonlea Antique Mall, located at 8101 Philips Hwy., Jacksonville, FL. Check it out for an eclectic mix of art and artsy things.

Lazy Girl Art Studio

Hope everyone had a good weekend 🙂

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