Transformers: Battlegrounds Game Review

Transformers: Battlegrounds launched Oct. 23rd on all platforms with a new Digital Deluxe Edition which adds an exclusive game mode and cosmetic content to the game. We gave it a try on the Nintendo Switch and although the game is primarily aimed at kids, it’s not that engaging for a younger gamer who wants lots of action and less strategy.

*We were sent a free copy of the game in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

transformers battlegrounds game review

Evil Megatron is at it again and after the Allspark! It’s up to you to control the Autobots and help them defeat the Decepticons before they can take over. The game is set in the iconic Transformers universe and features colorful cartoonish graphics reminiscent of the TV show.

transformers game screenshot

Transformers: Battlegrounds is a turn-based strategy game where you control a team of characters across a grid based map using a certain number of action points to move, use abilities, and make attacks. It makes for a very slow game play and a not-so-fun time for an impatient younger gamer who just wants to battle it out.

Your goal is mostly to reach a certain spot, or to take out a bad guy, or both. You start out with just three moves to make it around the board, then when you confront the enemy, you choose your fighting skill and sit back and watch the fight with no control over how it turns out. It reminded me a bit like playing chess- move the pieces around a grid with specific moves and those pieces can only do specific things.

My son lost interest rather quickly after discovering he couldn’t really move the robots and use them to fight. The game play was slow with a lot of learning how to play, how to move and how to use the special skills. I would only recommend this for older kids who can read and are into strategy games.

Check out the official Transformers: Battlegrounds trailer on YouTube:

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