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We Got Slimed and It Wasn’t Fun

My son recently walked into the kitchen to surprise me with a head full of slime. Specifically Poo Doo slime from the Dollar Tree. He giggled at my look of horror as he modeled the nasty brown goo that was oozing its way down his lovely shoulder-length blond hair. The only thing I was happy about at that point was that the poop slime was unscented.

poo doo slime

Squishy Goo Poo Slime

The “squishy goo poo” promised to be slimy AND sticky, which it really delivered on. It sure was sticky! My son had plopped it right on top of his head and even squished it around a bit after it oozed halfway down. He thought it was all pretty funny until I tried pulling it out and it didn’t budge. The slime had officially become one with his hair.

Getting Slime Out of Hair

I immediately turned to Google for advice on removal and discovered that many many parents have been in this predicament already. And when I posted on Facebook, there was plenty of advice given from first-hand experiences. As one friend commented on my Facebook photos, “The slime hat seems to be a right of passage these days.”

People (and Google) suggested everything from alcohol to peanut butter, but the overall consensus was to combat it with something oily to break down the slime, and finish with shampoo to wash it out. So we got in the shower and I went to work with a deep conditioning hair conditioner, which did a good job of loosening it up so I could comb it down and tear off little bits at a time. It was a MESS.

The Good Enough Hair Cut

You can only keep a kid still for so long, so after a while we were both over it and ready to just cut it off. I had managed to at least work the slime down far enough so I wouldn’t have to scalp him. Getting him to stay still and stand up straight for a hair cut was another difficult ordeal, so I just chopped at it as best I could. I figure we’d get it fixed up later by someone who actually knows how to cut hair. In the end, it didn’t turn out too bad. In fact, I think his new haircut is pretty cute!

haircut after slime in hair

And from this day on, slime has been banned in this household. I’m even a little iffy about Play-doh after an incident involving the carpet. Oh, and keep the kinetic sand away too! I’m still sweeping that stuff up from random places.

If you have a favorite slime-removing remedy, please share in the comments!

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  1. Your blog about the slime was hilarious I have seen it happen so many times and even with my God kids when they were younger I was always terrified that something like that would happen LOL would love to chat with you about a guest post regarding a single mom of two kids I’m trying to help with a gofundme page. I’m hoping to make Thanksgiving an amazing holiday for them after they lost everything to the pandemic. Let me know if your interested πŸ™‚


  2. Oh, gosh, glad we are over the slime age. You both deserve a big reward for patience. And what a gorgeous little guy with his new haircut πŸ™‚
    A funny story and I enjoyed reading it very much.
    I am sure that one day you will look back on it and it will warm up your heart πŸ™‚


  3. This is hilarious! Your son is adorable and he is lucky to have you because if that was my kid, my husband, the barber, would have shaved his head! xo


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