I Lost Two Days to a Migraine

Good morning world! It’s good to be back again and rejoin the world of the living. I’ve spent two days hiding in a cool dark quiet cave, willing myself into a semi-comatose state to try and deal with the intense pain in my head. As migraines go, this one was quite a doozy.


This seems fairly accurate

I really hate losing entire days. I was very lucky this time that my often-traveling husband was actually home. I’m not sure how I would have functioned trying to take care of a full-throttle three-year-old, while puking every 30 minutes. It really incapacitates a person.

I lost two days of my life. Two days of work, my son’s second soccer game, a special member’s only night at the zoo, and my mom blew up my phone because I didn’t text her back all day. I can’t look at the computer or phone at all with a migraine so e-mails piled up and texts went unanswered. In between vomiting I usually have about ten lucid moments to get something done before the cycle begins again, so I managed to reply back to a few people before things took a turn for the worse later on that day.

Unfortunately I had nothing to get me through this one except Tylenol that I gave up on because it just came back up every time. I stopped taking the migraine preventative Topamax last month due to terrible side-effects. It made my head feel great, but the cost was losing interest in just about everything else I loved and not being able to function enough mentally to write a blog post without struggling. At one point I forgot how to sign my own name mid-signature.

And the only medication that ever worked for me, Midrin, was mysteriously taken off the market. It’s main ingredient, the one that works to reverse the vasodilation that occurs during a migraine, lost FDA approval. I’ve tried many different medications over the years and nothing worked like Midrin. It would completely remove the migraine and make me feel normal like it never happened. Nothing has ever come close to its effectiveness.

So for two days I suffered. There’s a reason they call it a migraine “attack.” It came out of nowhere and took over my head and my life. The pain is so intense it’s hard to speak. Light is unbareable, even with my favorite migraine glasses. Smells are intense. Sound is amplified. Attempting to stand brings on another round of vomiting. It’s a hellish experience.

But I woke up today with a clear head. The pain and pressure is gone and happy to feel like a normal functioning human again. Now I’m just trying not to have terrible anxiety about everything that piled up while I was ill! So I am off to stage my own attack on the pile of e-mails in my inbox.

*As a side note, all my research on Midrin equivalents leads to dead ends. If anyone has any leads on a isometheptene migraine drug, or one that works similar, please let me know.

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  1. That’s awful. I had a migraine last week (I think due to the weather change) and one this week (hormonal I think). Have you ever tried Cambia? I’ve found that it works quickly and doesn’t have any icky side effects for me. It is non-formulary for my insurance and $$ but I was able to get it from a mail order specialty pharmacy for free.


    • I actually tried that a couple months ago! I couldn’t keep it down. That awful minty taste! I puked it back up every time. Reminded me of the one that dissolved under your tongue. I can’t do anything with a taste because of the extreme nausea.


      • I agree, the taste is awful. I just throw it back like a shot and it isn’t too bad. I usually take zofran for nausea too, which helps me.


  2. Hope it doesn’t come back any time soon or at all for you darling. It’s dreadful. I’m interested to see what people recommend too


    • Me too! And your name isn’t clickable anymore for some reason! Usually you can just go straight from a comment to the person’s blog. But nothing happens when I try and click your profile.


  3. I just started getting ocular migraine again they are beyond anything I can handle I lose days to them as well, I actually decided with the last one to go to the er for a dose pack of steroids to fight the arthritis that’s causing them since im in between doctors at the moment…they tend to spread to my head after starting in my eye causing face pain and blindeness followed by debilitating Migraine headaches.i hope they dont cone back for you 🤞🏻


    • I only get them about once a month, but usually not as bad as this! Two days is just rough. I occasionally get the ocular ones but they usually just cause weird squigglies and make things in my peripheral vision look like water and then the headache never comes and it freaks me out!


  4. I have a compounding pharmacy make Midrin for me. My neurologist orders it for me from them and they mail it to my house.


    • I just looked into that and found one online. I didn’t see anything like that when I was researching when writing this post. This gives me hope! Contacting the neurologist tomorrow. Thanks!!


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