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How to Update Your Look for Winter

It’s getting cold outside here in Florida, and that means it’s time to dig that winter wardrobe out of the back of the closet. With the change of season and change of wardrobe, maybe it’s time for a little change in your look as well! Our Guest Geek post this week is full of tips on updating your look for this chilly season.

winter wardrobe update

How to Update Your Look for Winter

One of the most exciting things about the changing seasons is getting to update your style. But sometimes digging through your wardrobe isn’t the thrill you hoped it would be. If you’ve been struggling to find your style this winter, then this blog has some top tips to give you a bit of inspiration. Whether you want to do a bit of online shopping or would rather repurpose the pieces you already have, you’ll find all the advice you need right here.


If you’re someone who wears glasses, then winter is the perfect opportunity to switch out your frames. You’re probably used to seeing your glasses as an essential, rather than an accessory, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have more than one pair to make sure you’re always on-trend. If you usually wear glasses with a thin frame, try a chunkier look to match the feel of your favorite knitted sweater. Alternatively, you could pick glasses with a blue or icy white frame and save copper and gold for the summer sun. Whatever you decide on, the EyeBuyDirect range of Oakley prescription glasses has a great selection for you to choose from.

Layer up

One of the best things about winter is all the layered looks you can create. Forget stepping out in a simple T-shirt and jeans, this is the season to really get creative. Leave minimalism at the door and pair vests with jumpers and puffer jackets. Top off your ensemble with a scarf, hat and gloves – or even earmuffs if you really want to wrap up warm. When it comes to layering you can either go for bold combinations to stand out or choose matching neutral tones for an understated effect. Don’t be afraid to experiment in front of your bedroom mirror before you brave the weather.


Rings, necklaces and bracelets are pieces you can wear all year round, but have you thought about how your jewelry transitions from one season to the next? Arguably, jewelry isn’t the most important part of your winter outfit, as you will be covering most of your skin in woolly layers, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth thinking about. Think about choosing cooler colors for winter, like silver and blue, or go all out as the festive season draws nearer with red and gold. If you love to have fun with your look, get your hands on some playful snowflake earrings or a charm bracelet with everything from snowmen to Christmas trees.


An absolute staple of winter, boots should always have a place in your winter wardrobe. But with so many boots on the market, it can be tough to decide what kind you want to pair with your outfit. Long boots are best paired with skinny jeans and skirts, while ankle boots can work well with mom jeans or tailored trousers. Don’t forget to get a pair of practical waterproof boots for those days when the rain just won’t stop.


Winter brings cold winds, sleet, snow and plummeting temperatures, and the adverse weather also brings with it, chapped hands, dry skin and broken nails. Updating your nails and treating your hands to some much needed TLC is the perfect way to accessorise your latest winter look. You could keep things simple and opt for a french manicure at home, or head to your local beauty salon and get them to update your nails with eye catching gel extensions. The colours and possibilities are endless but perfectly manicured and cared-for hands will certainly make you look good and compliment your latest style choice, especially during bleak wintery days.

Add a Pop of Color

In Winter, we tend to opt for thick layers and almost mimic the season with greys, blacks and even deep reds and greens. Stepping away from these muted tones and adding a pop of color to your wintery style, can give you a much-needed update and have you turning heads – for all the right reasons! You don’t have to go overboard, just adding something bright to your ensembles like a brightly colored beret, scarf or even choosing colorful eyewear can lift your mood and your wardrobe effortlessly. 

bright colorful winter gloves

Your Bag

What’s your go-to bag of choice? Tote? Backpack? Cross-body bag? With so many different styles of day bags to choose from, it makes sense to update your winter look with something that is both practical and stylish. If you want to pursue a comfortable and cozy look for the winter season, a shearling or faux fur bag is a great choice. Bags with extra room and internal pockets are great for storing all those winter essentials like your lip balm, hand sanitizer, gloves and purse and finding them with ease. The right kind of bag can make or break an outfit, so consider where you’re going and whether or not you need something large and practical for a wintry walk or something understated and fashionable for the party season. 

Final Thoughts…

We’re all used to updating our summer wardrobes and getting ready for warmer weather. What to wear at the beach, and selecting carefully chosen pieces that will keep us cool and help us feel confident, so why not apply the same logic to your winter wardrobe? 

By updating your winter look, you won’t have to hide under dozens of heavy layers, but feel sophisticated, comfortable and confident no matter how low the temperature drops! Consider some of the tips above to update your look for winter.    

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