Sewing Basics: How to Make a Gathered Skirt with No Pattern

Sometimes you need a skirt to complete and outfit and just can’t find the right color or pattern. No worries! Here’s how to whip one up in any size or length, no pattern needed. I make this skirt often for cosplay, but you can wear it as regular clothes as well.

All you need is a big rectangle of fabric and a sewing machine. I used crepe back satin for this skirt, but any fabric will work. You don’t want it to be too thick though, or the waistband gets lumpy. I learned this the hard way when I made one in vinyl. In the video I show how I measure to get the right size cut out, how to make it hemmed and seamed without a serger, and how to put the elastic in the waistband.

How to Make a Simple Gathered Skirt

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