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The First Lost Tooth

My 6-year-old son finally lost his first tooth a few days ago, and that was also my first night playing Tooth Fairy! His bottom front tooth had been wiggly for a while and he was very ready to lose it since it was interfering with his eating. And then it fell out while he was eating a bowl of noodles and we never found it! We looked everywhere, but no tooth. So what does a Tooth fairy do when there’s no tooth?

lost his first tooth

We Lost the Lost Tooth

After an extensive search of the noodle bowl and surrounding area with no tooth in site, we can only assume he swallowed it. When I told him that it’s probably in his belly, his response was, “I’m going to go sit on the toilet and see if I can poop it out.” Ewwwww….

I asked him how he planned to retrieve the tooth if he did happen to spot it, and immediately followed that with, “DO NOT use anything in the bathroom to go poking around in your poop.” These are things you actually have to say to little kids. He promised he would only look at it and immediately let me know if he saw anything that looked “tooth-like.”

A couple poops later and he never spotted the tooth (thank goodness) so plan B was in effect to make sure he got his Tooth Fairy money: He needed to write a note, and draw a picture of the tooth.

note for tooth fairy after losing tooth
Note for the Tooth Fairy

My First Night as Tooth Fairy

We slipped the note under his pillow and reassured him that the Tooth Fairy would understand, and it happens all the time. I waited until he had been asleep for about 30 min. and snuck in his room to take the note and slip his prize under his pillow. I took five $1 bills and put them in a little green baggie, along with a dash of glitter for a magical fairy effect. And then it was all done!

The next day he was so excited to see what the Tooth Fairy had left him. He still has the money in his little pouch and doesn’t want to spend it yet. He also wanted to know if he got $5 for every tooth, and I told him that might be a special price for the first one. I could already see him checking for any other wiggly ones, hoping to cash them in soon.

Now he’s got one down, and a mouthful to go! I just hope we can actually find the next one.

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