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Go away I’m pooping

img_8635So this is where we are in potty training. He sticks his little hand out and yells “Go away Mommy! I’m pooping!” The kid likes his privacy while dumps in his pants.

I feel like I’ve given him some very persuasive reasons to go sit on the potty. Everything from “It makes your butt happy!” to “You can turn around and see your own poop.” (I think he finds this one most intriguing) But in the end he prefers to quietly play with his cars while making soft grunting noises.

I’ll take wins where I can get them, so I still count this as progress since he’s actually acknowledging the pooping. And I can’t complain about the 20 min. or so of personal time that results from my banishment of the pooping vicinity. So I get some computer time and eventually he will wander over and let me know he’s stinky and ready to be changed.

Now if I could just get him to go away when I’M pooping, then that would be real progress.

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