Game Review: Rainbow Six Extraction

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction was released on all platforms worldwide January 20, 2022, and I’ve been waiting since then for my husband to complete his review. I thought it would be neat to have a real Green Beret’s point of view on a first-person shooter military-type game, not realizing this edition of Rainbow Six delves into new (literally) alien territory with an invasion/outbreak of alien’s known as the Archæans. And although he doesn’t have firsthand alien fighting experience, he was still game to take up the challenge of saving the earth from the parasitic Archæan invasion.

tom clancy's rainbow six extraction

My husband is a retired Special Forces Green Beret, so he has plenty of combat experience in lots of terrible places. So what kind of games do Special Forces guys play in their free time? Games about Special Operations guys of course. So I thought he would be the perfect person to review this game.

We were sent a complimentary copy of Rainbow Six Extraction for the PS4 from Ubisoft, in an exchange for a review, so I’ve decided to go ahead with this post even though I sent my husband a list of follow-up questions he has yet to answer. I’ll follow-up with an update if he ever does. One thing I’ve found about game reviews is that everybody seems to want to do one until they find out it actually takes a bit of work to test it out thoroughly and then write about it…

Sean’s Rainbow Six Extraction Game Review

At first, I thought Rainbow Six Extraction was going to be your standard first-person Special Operations shooter game. Another first-person shooter game in a giant pool of first-person shooter games. But, as I stepped into the game I began to realize how R6 Extraction was different. You weren’t going against a terrorist organization or conducting asyemtrical/symetrical warfare, but rather a mutating parasite enemy. An Archæan/parasite enemy, in which we know very little about the mutations, but have to gather info and capture certain level Archæans to build an intelligence target packet in order to destroy them. 

Watch out for these guys

The training level was adequate and enough for me to understand the enemy and how to move and operate my character. The character movement and weapons transition from primary to secondary seemed pretty standard if not a little behind compared to some other first-person shooter games. 

Game Play Level: Cautious

I decided to play on solo mode with a difficulty level of “cautious”. I chose this difficulty level in order to see the mutations and was pleasantly surprised at the different types and styles. What I really liked was the parasite “boobytraps”. When I first came across the gas pods and explosive claymore style pods I was taken back. Now, not only did I have to clear my corners in anticipation of Archæans, but also be aware of the IED style pods.

 The game is designed for the character to move quietly, but swiftly through each mission. I appreciated the fact as the character stepped on broken glass or brushed across paper folders that it made a sound, which alerted any nearby Archæans. To me this increased the reality of the game. Now, I am not only watching out for Archæans and IED pods, but how and where I walk, which pushed me to heighten my situational awareness.   

I also appreciated how the game had a certain amount of designated characters (9 intro characters) to play. If your character is captured/frozen in place by the parasite, then you are unable to use the character again until they are rescued. 

The game is difficult on solo, but manageable. I have yet to complete most of the game, but what I have played of it so far has been enjoyable and brings me back again and again to try and defeat the Archæans.   

Click here to find Rainbow Six Extraction on Amazon, or visit the Rainbow Six Extraction page on the Ubisoft website to learn more about the game.

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