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Trying to Find the Time for Everything

It’s 5AM, it’s dark, everyone in the house is asleep. But not me. I’m here typing away because it’s probably the only quiet moment I’ll get today. Why? Because I’m a mom and it’s the weekend. And no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to find the time to fit everything in that I want to get done.

It’s a never-ending cycle for me. I make lists, schedule my day out, try to work in time for myself, my kid, my husband, and the dog. We have a cat too, but he tends to make his own time whenever he wants to shove his way onto someone’s lap. Then I also need to make some time to take care of the house, the yard/garden and the pool. I also need to work in some time for working on the blog. Of course that involves social media, which can be a total time-suck if I get caught up in it.

This is Gizmo, he manages his time quite well.

And just when I think I’m totally overwhelmed and should probably try to give up sleeping, I try and remind myself that it’s all good stuff. I’m very happy with my life, kid, husband, dog, work, etc. And maybe I should just pop some CBD gummies and chill out. Except I actually did just the opposite and drank two cups of Death Wish Coffee.

It’s about time for the rest of the house to start waking up and then I get to fetch my son something every 5 minutes, take out the dog, clean something and try to remember to get out of my pajamas and brush my teeth. But you know what? It’s all good. I got this. Sometimes I just need to remind myself.

And you- you got this too. It’s a beautiful day out there (at least it is here in Florida) so go out and make the most of it. Whatever the most of it means to you ๐Ÿ™‚

Well mostly just coffee since it’s 6AM, lol

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