Geek of the Week: Erica of Red-E Cosplay

Please welcome Geek of the Week Erica, also known as Red-E Cosplay. This geek mama and mental health advocate embraced her geekiness later in life and now enjoys finding any excuse to dress up.

Professor Trelawny cosplay

Please introduce yourself:

I am a wife, mom, mental health & suicide prevention advocate, celebrateur, fashion time traveler, storyteller, creative weirdo. An event where I can wear a tutu can motivate me to be active. I am definitely multi-fandom, and a total Halloween lover; if I can spookify and/or dress up for an event or holiday, I will find a way! I hope to never quit finding adventures, celebrating life to the fullest, or ever quit playing dress up.

What do you geek out on?

Star Trek, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Harry Potter/Wizarding World, Halloween, steampunk

bellatrix cosplay

Do you have any children?

3 kiddos – one still at home; one sassy, furry black kitty.

Marvel or DC? and Why?

 As much as I do like DC characters, Marvel feels so much more relatable. Plus, Marvel is doing great in creating more comfy cosplay opportunities, which is a PLUS!

Black Widow cosplay

Star Wars or Star Trek? and Why?

 Oof! Do I have to pick? I have been much deeper into Star Wars, though I grew up in a Trekkie home when Trekkies were looked down upon. More in a sci-fi home, though I definitely had more exposure to Star Wars, Star Trek was a solid foundation.

strar trek cosplay dress

Were you a geeky kid or did you come into it later in life?

I shunned my geekiness when I was a kid. I tried so hard to “fit in.” That didn’t work, and I finally fully embraced my inner geek later in life. Definitely the geekiness consumed me. Thankfully!

Have you ever cosplayed as a favorite character?

My favorite character tends to change depending on what I’m more into. Although, the one character I adore, and haven’t done yet, is Rogue from X-Men. But I hope to get there.

What is your favorite geeky event you’ve attended or would like to go to?

Planet Comicon, in Kansas City, has always been my benchmark event. Leading from that has been what Cos4Hope (formerly Cosplay for Hope) has done for our mental health & suicide prevention events, like the walk & mini-con we did for the cause.

The ones I’d love to get to are Leaky Con, San Diego Comicon, WonderCon, and DragonCon. You know, to see if one becomes a new favorite. I need to feel out the field.

Are you working on anything right now you’d like to share or promote?

I’m working on building my Red-E Cosplay brand and repertoire, plus continuing to get Cos4Hope really up and going to reach the geeky tribe through mental health & suicide prevention within the tribe.

You can find Erica on social media at:

Facebook: @RedECosFash
IG & Tik Tok: @red_e_cosplay
Ko-Fi: redecosplay

Cos4Hope on Facebook: @Cos4Hope

catwoman cosplay

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