Black Cat Style Mask Free Template and Tutorial

How to create a custom fitted Black Cat eye mask, with free template and tutorial. While this mask has a shape based off of Black Cat (aka Felicia Hardy) you could actually use it to create any style mask by printing out the pattern and drawing a new design on top. You will need a thermoplastic type material like Worbla, which is what I’m using here. I use the black style, so I don’t even need to paint it.

I usually have small mask-size pieces of this Worbla available in my Etsy Shop: Cosplay, Costumes and Props by Candy Keane – If I’m out, then they also sell sample Worbla packs on Amazon.

Materials Needed for Black Cat Mask:

Paper, scissors, chalk, thermoplastic or foam if preferred. You might want to use an X-Acto type knife on the Worbla, though you can also use strong scissors. There are different materials you can use this with as well- alternatives to Worbla or even foam. But using Worbla will give you a very fitted and lightweight mask that is also sturdy enough to handle multiple wearings.

Felicia Hardy black cat cosplay

Download or Print the Free Eye Mask Template

Click here for the PDF download from Dropbox

*You can also print the photo below, but size may not be as accurate as the PDF download

How to Use the Black Cat Mask Template:

Step 1) Print and cut out eye mask

Step 2) See how mask fits your face. If it needs adjusting, do it now with the paper one. You can even redraw a different shape for different characters.

Step 3) Trace mask onto Worbla with chalk

Step 4) Cut out mask using scissors or utility knife. I scissors on the outside, but a knife to cut out the eye holes.

Step 5) Heat the mask with a heat gun (best option) or hot hair dryer.

Step 6) Let it cool enough so it is still pliable, but not too hot. You want to be able to mold it onto your face without burning your skin or warping the mask shape.

Step 7) Press mask gently around nose and inner eye corners to custom fit it to your face. If you mess up, you can reheat and try again.

Step 8) Lie down for a minute and let mask cool on your face. This will give it the best shape. If you set it down flat to cool, some of the shape may relax out of it.

Step 9) To wear your mask, you can use it with fashion tape or spirit gum. I usually go with the tape. You can also attach elastic by stapling or gluing it to the sides.

cosplay mask
Inside of mask with fashion tape adhesive

If you use this template and post pics, please tag me at @sewgeekmama or @geekmamasblog so I can see what you create!

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