Happy Sunday! How was your week?

Hope everyone had a great week! Mine was kind of crazy with prepping for the Comic Con at the library and dressing up for three different events. I did the beaches parade, an appearance on the Ch. 4 Morning Show and Beaches Library Comic Con. I’m worn out and ready to just wear a tank top and shorts for a while, lol.


I’m looking forward to Mother’s Day next week! I really enjoyed working on a Babbleboxx campaign where I got to try all kinds of different great gifts and blog about it. I feel like I’ve been celebrating Mother’s Day all week already! I’ve been doing a lot of sampling and reviewing lately and trying to have fun with it. I get really bored with blogs that are just one product after another, so the product has to be something I can tell a story about or create a story around. I also try and think about ways to make the photos a little more interesting than a standard stock photo. The hubs has been pretty good at coming up with photo ideas. This is my favorite shot for Edible Arrangements because it’s kind of silly, but totally true because I do really love getting those things! I’ll take a chocolate covered strawberry over a flower bouquet any day.

Edible Arrangements
OMG! I get to eat this!

Right now I’m literally sitting around waiting for paint to dry so I figured I’d do a quick Sunday blog post before I head back out into the yard to finish sanding and painting the lamp posts. I have one more to finish and I’ll have finally completed a project I started a few weeks ago! Next I’m planting some cucumbers on a trellis in the backyard and working on the mailbox area. Lots of house projects in the works!

And speaking of that, pretty sure it’s time for the 2nd coat on those lamp posts so back to work for me. How was your week?

May 5th – A Day of Comics and Margaritas

This Saturday is a double whammy of Cinco de Mayo and Free Comic Book Day! Many of you may be thinking “Woohoo! Margaritas! Now what’s this about free comics and why do I care?”

If you have kids, drinking margaritas all day may not be the best way to celebrate May 5th this year. Ok, I take that back. It probably would be the BEST way to spend the day, just not the most practical or family friendly. And by now you probably know kids+hangover=special ring of hell.

Free Comic Book Day is held every year on the first Saturday of May. It’s a day where you can get free comics at almost any comic book shop! The event was started in 2002 as a promotional effort to bring new people into independent comic book stores and has grown into larger events including cosplayers and libraries.

wonder woman and super girl
Me, my friend Bridget and my grumpy son on Free Comic Book Day last year

There is no purchase necessary to participate. You just wait in line and then choose 3-5 comics (each place has their own limit) from a special selection featured that day. Usually there are a lot to choose from!

So this year, try taking the kids to your local comic book shop and check to see if your library is doing any special events! Three of the libraries here in Jax are doing ComicCons. I was on the news dressed as Antiope to promote the one I’ll be at – Beaches Library Comic Con!

And yes, you can still stop for a margarita on the way 😉


The Most Expensive Cosplays Ever Created

Cosplay has experienced a boom in the past few decades, becoming a huge part of pop culture fandom. Starting in Japan, the subculture can be seen at events and conventions across the globe.

Cosplay conventions have them all, from low-cost costumes to expensive and intricately-designed suits. The price doesn’t necessarily reflect a build’s quality, because it all boils down to the talent of the artist who’s making the costume. However, there are some cosplays out there with a hefty price tag that truly capture some of the most popular characters in fiction.

Here are some of the most beautifully crafted and expensive costumes ever created:

Steampunk Iron Man
Cost to make: $4,000

IronMAnSteamPunk Image credit: Geeky Tyrant

This Steampunk version of Iron Man first graced the halls of comic cons in 2010. It’s easy to see why it won the Marvel Costume Contest at New York Comic Con. The fusion of steampunk and Iron Man is nothing short of inspiring, and truly a thing of beauty.

The costume was built by Matt Silva of Penny Dreadful Productions.

Trivia: What’s fascinating about this suit is that it was recycled from a costume used in Heartless: The Story of the Tin Man – a short film that featured the non-canon back story of the Wizard of Oz’s Tin Man. The suit underwent a lot of modifications that cost around $4,000 to become a highly detailed steampunk version of Iron Man.

Metal Gear REX
Cost to make: $7,000

metal_gear_rex_by_djrubynyc-d8pqhvyImage Credit: DeviantArt

Metal Gear REX is one of the mechas (robots with a pilot) used by villains to defeat Solid Snake — the protagonist of the critically acclaimed Konami game Metal Gear Solid. The outfit is quite possibly the most accurate cosplay ever built in honor of the mecha. According to the suit’s creator, Ruby Taki, it took her several trucks, 3 people, and at least 8 months to move and assemble the parts.

It isn’t easy to move around in the costume either. In order to maneuver it, the wearer needs to stand on two-foot stilts and bear the weight of the heavy metal.

The creator speaks: Taki states that one of the best compliments she received for her Metal Gear REX was an online comment that said, “It’s CGI; it’s not real.” She also finds it fun when people don’t realize that there’s actually a person inside the costume.

Cost to make: $30,000

58065d636d8e031a008b4d8d-750-562Image credit: Insider

This is quite possibly the most expensive costume ever constructed in the history of cosplays ever. At Comic Con 2018, a Reinhardt cosplay, which stands at 9 1/2 feet tall and weighs around 100 pounds, graced the event and wowed the fans of the videogame Overwatch.

The costume was made by Thomas DePetrillo, a veteran costume maker who made impressive Hulk Buster and Bumblebee cosplays for previous Comic Cons.

How to get a Reinhardt costume like this: Three ways come to mind in order to obtain a costume like this: The first way is to learn from experts like DePetrillo, and use a different set of materials in order to lower the cost of making the suit. The second way is to win the lottery. Lottoland details that America’s two biggest lotteries have a minimum jackpot of $40 million. That would be enough to buy any cosplay, including this highly detailed and expensive Batman costume created by special effects designer Julian Checkley. Lastly, you can work hard until you’ve saved $30,000 to buy the high-end materials for the costume.

The thing is that while these cosplays are extremely well made and beautiful, the cost of cosplays isn’t important. It is the dedication and love of the fans that make cosplaying so special.

To find more costume inspirations, check out the  Geek Mamas’ Cosplay Tab!

*Article contributed by Brayden Scott*

Wigging Out, My Top Five Wigs Styles

* Post sponsored by Divatress.com and contains Amazon Affiliate links*

As a cosplayer, I’ve tried many different wig styles over the years. Some attach as easily as a clipping it in, and others involve glue, braids, bun anchors and more. I love how wigs can really change your look. I even have wigs that look like my regular hair, on a good day, because it will stand up to the Florida heat and still look good hours later. My real hair usually just falls flat as soon as I step out the door.

Let’s start with normal looking me with my real hair, after fixing it to look nice:

Candy Keane

Now let’s have some fun and show how different wigs can really change your look! Many of these styles can be found on Divatress.com.

Full Wigs with combs – These cover your entire head and have little combs around the hairline to help them stay secure. The nicer ones have elastic at the bottom, with little hooks so you can make the cap smaller or larger. The wig shown here is the Tina 950 by New Look Wigs.

Mario Brothers princess peach
Princess Peach

Half Wig – I often use a full wig like this as well, but this hair piece can be anything from a full cap to a little circle of hair. It goes half-way back on your head, so your real hair shows in front. It makes it look like you suddenly have tons of hair and is very realistic looking!

The best way to secure these in is to make a small braid across the top of your head, similar to the cornrow style you use to attached crochet twists. But instead if crocheting or sewing in the hair, you use the braid as an anchor for the small combs. If you can’t do a braid, you can also spray it with a little hairspray and backcomb to give the combs something to hold onto. If your wig doesn’t have little combs you can sew those in just under the edge of the wig. You can also use a million bobby pins. I often use a combo of both!

Candy Keane Maleficent

Clip-on Ponytail – The easiest of all! You can attach these to any hair length as long as you can make a little ponytail or bun for it to attach to and you just clamp it right into your hair. Here’s a link to the one I’m wearing here: Claw Clip Ponytail Extension

Candy Keane General Antiope cosplay
General Antiope

Dread Falls – I love the look of these and have them in several different colors. Most of mine were custom made by Queen Goths Coiffs. These are attached to two little buns on the top of your head. Usually a headband or goggles covers where it is anchored on your head, so it looks like a smooth transition.

Steampunk Time Bandit
Steampunk Time Bandit

Lace Front Wig – one of my new favorite wig styles is a lace front. It comes with a fine lace or mesh attched to the front. You trim that short, then use a special wig glue to glue it to the skin close to your hairline. These give the most realistic look because it creates a new hairline. They also stay attached really well and are really comfortable because you don’t have any pins poking you or a tight ponytail. The style I’m wearing here is the Riglamour Wavy Short Blond Wig

platinum lace front wig
Preparing for a pin-up event

I have drawers of wigs in all different colors and styles. If you take good care of them they can last years and still look good. And they aren’t just for costumes! But they certainly make any look a little more dressed up.

I Heart Cosplay

Cosplay defined: a contraction of the words costume and play, cosplay is a hobby in which participants make and wear costumes to represent a specific character. The broader use of the term “cosplay” applies to any costuming in venues apart from the stage or Halloween.

So now that we got that out of the way…

I was half-watching Deadpool last night while making dinner and the part where he makes his costume got my attention. I love watching costume progressions. One of my favorite parts of superhero movies is finding out how they got their outfit. Did they assemble the parts? Sew it themselves? Find it waiting for them like the latest Wonder Woman?

I am often asked how I got into costuming or why I cosplay. It’s a tough question for me because it’s just always been a part of who I am. I just love costumes and costumey things. I love playing dress up, and I love making things. I was doing this WAY before it was ever called cosplay and I will be doing it long after the fad has peaked and popular interest wanes. I can’t watch a movie without looking at every costume detail and thinking about how I would make it.

I still remember watching Michelle Pfeiffer as Selena Kyle frantically stitching together her vinyl catsuit in Batman Returns. It was the moment she transformed into Catwoman. That is one costume I have always wanted to make! Just watching her obsessively assemble those vinyl pieces made me want to run for the sewing machine.

Catwoman making costume
A fairly accurate representation of what I look like when inspiration strikes

So I think That is the kernel of a true costumer/cosplayer. It’s just something in your blood. You don’t have to try and think about it, you see costumes and things to create everywhere. You get this excited feeling about bringing these things to life. You can’t “quit cosplay” as I see so many people post from time to time. It would be like losing a part of yourself. And for me, it would be a loss of creativity, inspiration and a source of happiness.

So even though I don’t dress up every weekend, attend every con or make costumes as my job anymore, it’s still a part of me and always will be.

Because I <3 Cosplay