Editor's Picks

Editor’s Picks: Back to School with Arctic Zone, Defender Rings and Amazon

Hooray for back-to-school time! At least, that’s what I’m saying. My son isn’t quite as enthusiastic as he embarks on his journey through 2nd grade, but I’m doing my best to make sure he’s prepared and also rolling with the changes. One of those being his lunchtime routine. We were sent a cool new Video Game Controller Lunch Pack from Arctic Zone, and he decided he only wants school lunch this year!

Last year his lunch was so late that he had two snack times, so he carried a lunch box even if he had school lunch. This year it’s just one little snack and no lunch box so we’ll have to find another use for this cool video game themed lunch bag. It comes with an interlocking 4-piece food container set and high-performance ice pack so I’m sure we can put it to use on one of our many adventures.

Defender Rings: Jewelry that Doubles as Protection

Have you heard self-defense jewelry? Defender Ring was founded with the idea to give women a practical self-defense tool, one they could easily carry with them every day. These rings either contain concealed blades or have sharp edges that turn a punch into a powerful defense weapon. With minimalist and maximalist styles, a stainless-steel body, and finishes like silver, black, gold and rose gold, there’s a ring for all tastes.

I was sent the Open Point ring style in rose gold, which is probably the most mild of the ring styles. This one is a bit like brass knuckles, giving your punches a bit more power. The other styles of rings they carry actually contain concealed blades that can be used as defense, collect DNA from an attacker and cut zip ties. You can check those out on their website at https://www.defenderring.com.

Halloween is Coming!

Halloween is just around the corner, so if you need costume ideas or supplies, remember to check out my Amazon Cosplay Page! That’s where I post photos of my costumes and outfits, along with all the items tagged for easy shopping. I also share other favorite things I’ve found and recommend, like dresses and lots of wigs!

Candy Keane’s Amazon Page

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