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How to Make Your Home Look Spotless

My own home is far from spotless. I think that just may be impossible when you have kids and pets. But that doesn’t mean it I wouldn’t mind having it just a bit cleaner! Our Guest Geek post today is filled with cleaning tips for a spotless (or close to it) home.

cleaning windows

Life gets busy and we can often forget to clean our homes properly.

We tell ourselves that we’ll do a deep clean when we get home from work but feel too tired to do so. We set aside time at the weekend to clean but end up making plans with our friends.

Keeping your home clean not only looks and smells great but also keeps allergies at bay. Regular cleaning also reduces the need for you to do a deep clean every few months. You can stay on top of dirt and stains, and prevent them from becoming permanent.

Top Cleaning Tips for a Spotless Home

Below, we’ve listed some simple cleaning tricks that you can do regularly to prevent build-up on your carpets and furniture. You may need to clean and tidy more often if you have pets and young children.

If you find that you don’t have sufficient time to clean and tidy your home properly, consider calling a professional carpet cleaning to do the job for you. 

Here are some great ways to keep your home looking spotless.

Remove the Clutter

When your home is messy, it’s much harder to clean. Before you even think about grabbing the vacuum, cleaning products, and air fresheners, tidy each room.

Remove your kid’s toys from the floor, throw the furry laundry in the washing machine, and find a place for all of your random knick-knacks. Once you’ve decluttered, you can start gathering your favorite cleaning materials.


Ideally, you should vacuum your carpets once every week or two, especially in the areas of your home that have a high volume of foot traffic.

Make sure to vacuum all areas of your carpets, including the edges and corners. Pull out your furniture to get the hard-to-reach areas where dirt and dust can quickly build up without you noticing.

Shampoo Your Carpets

It’s a good idea to shampoo your carpets every 6-12 months, and even more often if they are light in color or if you have pets. Make sure to use a carpet shampoo that is appropriate for the type of carpets that you have in your home and follow the label instructions.

Dust and Clean the Surfaces

Once your carpets are sparkling clean, it’s time to wipe all of the surfaces in your house. Use a microfiber towel for glass and wood surfaces, such as windows, mirrors, and wooden side tables.

You can use a standard washcloth along with a strong cleaning spray to remove dirt and stains from your kitchen countertops. While you’re in the kitchen, grab your mop bucket and fill it with hot, soapy water to clean the flooring.

sweeping the floor

Light a Candle or Use Room Spray

If you’ve used a number of cleaning products in your home, it might already smell great. However, if you want to make your home smell extra fresh and inviting, consider lighting your favorite candle, using room spray, and turning on an air purifier.

All these things can help you keep your home cleaner and fresher.

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