Complete Your Outfit with Chrissy’s Thigh High Socks

If you need thigh high socks to complete your next outfit or costume, Chrissy’s Socks is the place to shop. They carry a wide array of solids, stripes and athletic style thigh highs that are made from a more traditional sock material vs. the usual nylon type you find most places. With hundreds of styles, many American-made, you’re sure to find a cute pair to update your look in a fun, fashionable way.

Stripe thigh high socks and panda over knee socks by Chrissy's Socks

Thigh High Socks and More

Chrissy opened her store in 2009, which was inspired by her “love of fashion and the absence of knee socks on store shelves.” Besides all the fun thigh high socks, you’ll find hundreds of unique knee socks as well. Plus they even offer customized socks where you can choose the colors of sock, stripes and add custom text.

I got to test out three pairs of thigh highs and chose two of the stripes style and a cute panda pair. I used to sell a lot of thigh high socks and stockings in my costume shop days and still have an impressive collection of the striped style. However, they are all a combo of black and a color, or white and a color. Chrissy’s sock selection has really fun multiple color stripe socks, so I had to try those out! They reminded me of some of my favorite fairy art prints, so I put together a fairy inspired outfit to go with them.

fairy costume with stripe socks

My first impression when opening the package was a surprise at the material of the stripe style, which was more of a woven cotton than nylon. I would have known this if I’d paid attention to the product details which clearly states they are made from 80% Cotton and 20% Nylon and Elastic.

It gives them a slightly different appearance than the usual nylon spandex style. I also found them to be less restrictive on my legs. It seems no matter what size you are, those nylon thigh highs always squish tightly into your legs. This cotton style didn’t seem as restrictive on the thighs which was nice! The only drawback is that I did have to keep tugging them up a bit. Check out the tips and tricks section at the end for options on keeping your socks in place.

close-up of thigh high sock material
Close-up of sock material

The stripe style is also nice and long, measuring 32” – 34” before being stretched. As a tall person, I find most “thigh highs” to be more like over-the-knee socks on me, so I liked the length of these. By comparison, the panda style measures  26″ – 28″ and those went just over my knees.

The socks didn’t come with washing instructions, so I tossed them in with my regular laundry (cold wash, tumble dry) and they came out of the dryer looking good! They didn’t shrink or fall apart, so they are easy to wash and durable.

panda thigh high socks

The Verdict: Good Quality Socks

After giving two pair a test run and putting them in the wash, I can honestly say Chrissy’s thigh high socks are a good quality sock! They look like the photos on the website, so you know what you’re getting, they are comfortable to wear, durable and also easy to care for.

Pay attention the measurements posted with each pair so you know whether it’s going to be a true thigh on you, or more of an over-the-knee style socks. I had fun creating outfits for the two pair I posted, and am looking forward to finding something fun to go with the other stripe pair!

Click here to check out the full thigh high sock collection!

Free shipping on orders over $50


chrissy's thigh high sock selection

Thigh High Sock Tips & Tricks:

Adjust the length if too long:

Sometimes your thigh highs don’t hit exactly where you want them to. Depending on your height, you might find them going up too high. Or maybe you want them shorter because you prefer them to hit just over the knee. All you have to do is pull the extra fabric out past your toes and tuck them under your feet.

You’ll need to be wearing shoes with an extra bit of room to do this technique. I usually do it when wearing boots or chunky shoes. It also depends on how thick the thigh high material is.

Keep them from falling down:

One problem with any kind of thigh highs is keeping them up without garters, especially if they don’t have the silicon grip style tops. If you really want them to stay in place and not budge, you can use a body adhesive like It Holds or fashion tape.

Make them into leggings:

Sometimes a sock just doesn’t work out as a sock, but that doesn’t mean you need to throw it out! If they are made from more of a cotton material (like Chrissy’s socks) then they actually make great leggings if you just cut off the feet. You can bunch them up a little on your legs and wear them over another thin sock. This does not work well with the nylon style though.

Give your thighs some relief:

Thigh high are notorious for thigh squish. They have to be a little tight to stay up! But you can release the squishing pressure of too tight thigh highs by making a very small vertical cut at the top of the stocking, in the back. Start small, try it on and see how that feels. If you cut too far, you’ll ruin the sock. A little goes a long way!

I also use this technique with pantyhose and tights, but usually put the cut in front to release pressure on my stomach. Yes, this can ruin some socks and tights so use it with caution.

Stretching is good for socks too:

Sometimes your thigh highs need a little help reaching the height you want. To make them longer, your best bet is to stretch them before you even put them on. I have a friend who is 6 ft. tall, and she stretches her pantyhose across the room before trying them on! You don’t have to go that far, but giving them a good stretch will make them easier to put on and pull all the way up.

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