My Favorite Amazon Finds for January

As a busy mom who works from home, I shop on Amazon a ridiculous amount. I often share the best stuff I find on my Amazon Influencer page through shoppable photos tagged with each item. I figure I’ll give sharing these items in a round-up post on the blog each month…or whatever month I have enough to share. Got to earn those affiliate pennies! Seriously, it’s like a few cents when something sells, but I shop there anyway so it adds up, lol.

Mary Janes and Panda Socks

This is my most recent photo, with the wig, shoes, stockings and skirt tagged. The socks are from Chrissy’s Socks, which I just did a whole blog post about! But then while I was tagging this photo, I found out they have their products on Amazon too. Click here to see this outfit on Amazon.

maty jane shoes and panda thigh high socks

Buns Out, Guns Out

The buns here are Leia’s hair, and the gun is her space blaster. But don’t dare say gun on Amazon. This is an older post, because the post from a few days ago was removed for “violating community standards!”

It was the same photo that had already been approved, but I wrote what was written on the shirt. So apparently, they can sell it, just don’t say it! And if anyone has tried sending an e-mail to the community standards help e-mail, you know it just goes into a black hole and never gets a response. Click here to see the shirt and blaster on Amazon.

buns out, guns out, Princess Leia t-shirt

Purple and Pink Ombre Wig

The colors on this wig are really pretty! It also has a little mesh piece at the top of the hairline, so it’s like a mini lace front. The fairy pic is from the Chrissy’s Socks post. Click here to see the wig on Amazon.

fairy costume with stripe socks

Orange and Blond Wig

Another pretty wig that I thought was unique- it’s mostly reddish orange with partial blond bangs and a streak of blond. I used to for a Fall Leave goddess look for a makeup collab. Click here to see the wig on Amazon.

Steampunk Shirt and Skirt

I really liked this shirt and skirt I got recently for a steampunk event! Both fit great. The shirt has ties like a corset in the back so you can custom fit it. I got the shirt in blue, but it comes in several colors, same with the skirt. Click here to see the shirt and skirt on Amazon.

steampunk outfit

That’s it for now! I know there is a bit of January left to go, so I may update this post when I add new things. The pics are all from images I’ve shared on my @SewGeekMama Instagram.

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