First Time Seeing Snow

Seeing snow for the first time was at the top of my 7-year-old son’s to-do list this year, and we made it happen this spring break with a trip to Westford, Massachusetts to visit friends. My son was surprised to find the snow cold and wet, because he was imagining snow would be like fluffy cotton balls. He quickly acclimated however and spent hours outside having a blast in the freezing cold.

snowball fight
The first snowball fight

Building Snowmen, Snowball Fights and Snow Angels

We landed in Boston, where there was no snow to be found, but as we got closer and closer to Westford, we started seeing patches of snow. By the time we got to our friend’s house, we were surrounded by fields of white with only small patches of melted snow. My son hopped out of the car and immediately touched the snow and let me know, “It’s cold!”

With barely a few minutes to settle in, the kids were suiting up to go out and play. Of course, the first thing the two boys did was start making snowballs to throw at each other. His friend Brayden even had neat little snowball making tools that made great round snowballs. Click here to see the Snowball Maker set on Amazon.

Next on the list was making a snowman. Our first one was pretty tiny, but later we found some good flat areas where we could roll the snowballs into big round blobs to make a tall snowman. One thing we didn’t realize, was how heavy the snow can get! Those round blobs took both of us to try and lift them onto to each other.

And to round out our snow activity list, we made a few snow angels. I thought they turned out pretty neat!

Then There Was an Elsa Sighting…

I packed an Elsa costume I hadn’t gotten to wear yet, just in case I had a chance to take advantage of the snowy scenery. With three crazy kids running around, I wasn’t sure if we could make it happen, but I put my makeup on in record time and ran around in the backyard while my friend Ashleigh snapped photos.

I was really glad we fit it that day, because it wasn’t too freezing. The next day it was in the 20s! I did try and stay a little warm by wearing thermal leggings and I had on clunky rain boots under my dress. It was a bit of a challenge to take pics without the boots showing, but I wasn’t going out there without them!

Elsa dress and wig are available on Amazon! Click here to see the Elsa costume details.

The Discovery Museum

On the coldest day, we decided to find some indoors fun, so we went to The Discovery Museum in Acton, MA. The kids had a ton of fun checking out all the museum activities like indoor “ice” skating (it was really smooth tiles you could slide on), science projects, magnets, Leonardo da Vinci inventions, a water table area, and their most favorite thing of all- a large assembly of tubes that shot fluffy balls and handkerchiefs out as fast as you could stuff them in.

Then after our fun indoors, the boys came home and suited up once again to head out into the cold! It may have bothered Elsa a little, but it certainly didn’t bother them one bit. They ended the evening by the woodburning stove, watching the cool blue and green flames thanks to neat little color packets you can put in the fire. Click here to find Cosmic Flames on Amazon.

Overall, we had a great, memorable trip with good snow and good friends! So how was your spring break? Have your kids seen snow? We live in Florida so snow is a pretty big deal!

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