7 Dental Troubles That Require Medical Help ASAP

I’ll do anything to avoid going to the dentist, but sometimes it’s unavoidable when an emergency happens. Our Guest Geek post for today will fill you in on when you need to get the the dentist ASAP.

It’s a very timely post, as I’m sitting here with a chipped back tooth! I was flossing and a small piece of an old filling broke off and flew out of my mouth. I was pretty horrified and am not looking to my upcoming appointment to get it fixed.

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7 Dental Troubles That Require Medical Help ASAP

As parents, we’re always doing our best to make sure that our children are in good health and feeling their best at all times, and their dental health is no exception, though it can sometimes be tricker.

When your kid is suffering from dental problems, it can be painful and even embarrassing for them, especially if it leads to further complications down the line.

This is why it’s so important to identify and treat oral health problems are quickly as you can. Here are eight problems that need prompt intervention to keep your kiddos feeling their best.

Severe Toothache

A persistent or very intense toothache probably indicates something more than a whiny child. Your little one could be dealing with some serious underlying issues like cavities, an abscess, or even a fracture in their tooth.

If their pain persists for longer than a day or two, or if they seem to be in serious agony, it’s best that you get them to a dentist as soon as you can so the issue can be diagnosed and treated and so that your child can get some pain relief.

Dental Trauma

Accidents happen to everyone, and even the bones in our mouths can suffer the consequences! A serious blow to the mouth can lead to an exposed root tooth and other kinds of long-term dental damage.

If your child has been hurt playing sports, falling out of a tree, or some other typical kid injury, make sure to check out their mouth and teeth for any impact. If a tooth has been chipped, fractured, or knocked loose, get them to a dentist as soon as possible so they can be more thoroughly assessed.

Swollen Gums

We all know that swollen and inflamed or painful gums can be an indication of gum disease, which nobody wants to be dealing with at any age. Not only is gum disease incredibly uncomfortable, but it can also lead to more severe oral health issues.

If you notice that your child’s gums are swollen, red, or bleeding easily, you need to consult a dental professional soon. If you catch it early, treatment for gum disease can be simple and manageable through professional cleaning and medication. You’ll also need to make sure your kid ramps up their oral hygiene!

smile teeth

Persistent Bad Breath

Waking up with smelly breath is normal, no matter how old you are. However, if your child is regularly brushing their teeth but still suffering from bad breath on a constant basis, it could indicate an underlying issue.

Conditions like gum disease, severe cavities, and oral infections might cause bad breath that you just can’t kick, which is uncomfortable and embarrassing, especially for little ones in school! Take them to a dentist so you can have the situation assessed and treated as quickly as possible.

Tooth Sensitivity

If your child’s teeth hurt when they’re exposed to either hot or cold food indicates that they have tooth sensitivity. This can be normal, and it’s a problem that can easily be solved by investing in special toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

However, it could also be more severe. If the onset is sudden and severe, it might indicate tooth decay, an exposed tooth root, or even a tooth fracture. In these cases, special toothpaste isn’t going to solve your problem, and you’ll need to see a dentist before your child will ever enjoy an ice cream cone again.

Delayed Tooth Development

Of course, no child develops at the same rate, so the age at which their teeth erupt can vary. However, if your little one seems drastically behind in their oral development, or if you notice other abnormalities, you’ll want to take them to see a dentist.

If there are any issues, a dentist will be able to suggest interventions to help make sure your child’s teeth develop properly. Your child might also need braces, aligners, or other interventions as they get older if you notice that their teeth have developed unevenly.

Persistent Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, is a common dental issue, often caused by external factors like stress and anxiety or even just a nasty habit.

While it might not be a cause for concern if it’s only an occasional issue, consistent teeth grinding during the day and during sleep can lead to severe dental issues. If this is the case, your child might need a nightguard, a dental plate, or some healthier stress management techniques to help protect their chompers.

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