All About the PC Game We Were Here Too

We Were Here Too is an online, PC only, first-person co-op adventure set in a medieval castle. It requires another player with a microphone for communication, because you’ll be working through the adventure with them, but cannot see them! Read on for more info and background details on the game.

Everything you need to know about We Were Here Too

We Were Here Too is the second game in the video game series We Were Here. It is a cooperative first-person adventure video game created by Total Mayhem Games, a Dutch studio company. The main premise of the game is that you are asked as two players to take on a variety of puzzles that you must work on together. You cannot see the other rooms or each other. Each player has a walkie-talkie as a way of communicating with each other and by using this can complete the puzzles. It has been a relatively successful series with many players taking on the We Were Here Too puzzles with relish. Here is a little bit more information on the game. 


The first We Were Here was created by the Dutch Studio Total Mayhem Games. It was made as part of a student project through the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and won the best indie game award in 2017. Later that year, it was released for free on Steam. It was only a year later when We Were Here Too was released. One year after this, We Were Here Together was released as the third installment. 

We Were Here 

The first iteration of the game was released only on PC in 2017 and gave the players the roles of Antarctic explorers who found an old castle but were split up. The name of the castle was Castle Rock. To escape they had to work together to solve puzzles to release each other. It was later released on Xbox in 2019. 

We Were Here Too 

This game was a standalone release, but it also featured the setting of Castle Rock. Whilst the theme is ongoing with the previous game it is not necessary to have played the first one in order to enjoy the second. It was a well-received game and allowed for a third to be created. 

The Puzzles

It is the puzzles that have won the show for this game. They manage to test the teamwork, communication, and observational skills of each player. There is a good mix of navigational challenges where one player must guide the other through a section with only scant information as well as symbol puzzles that force you both to describe odd images in order to get to the solution. This is all paired with a clock that continues to countdown which heaps the pressure on. 

Getting the right partner

A game like this is always made or broken by the person that you play it with. All of the puzzles in this game are tough but there is a logic to them. The best way to play is to grab a friend that you know well and one that understands exactly what you mean. The teamwork in this game requires patience and persistence to help you get free of the puzzles. Additionally, the game allows you to mess with your partner with a little bit of sabotage that keeps the game funny and interesting. A game well worth investing in if you can make the right team. 

With an interesting premise and award-winning gameplay, We Were Here Too is worth checking out if you enjoy brain challenging puzzles and co-op adventures.

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