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Week in Review – A Belated Easter, Surfing Moms, a Podcast, a Baby Shower and an Early Christmas

This week we dyed Easter eggs (a little late), I took a surfing lesson, threw a baby shower, did a podcast with Tandem Media and got a pretty personalized ornament from Ornaments with Love.

Week in Review Sept. 24 – 30

A Belated Easter – My son spotted an easter egg decorating kit that we never used and begged to try it out. It was a special “Neon Molten Magic” kit that was supposed to make cool swirly eggs. They give you three color tablets (yellow, pink and blue) and then several wax crayon squares to melt on top. So you dye the eggs, then basically melt crayons on top with a hair dryer. Our eggs did not look like the ones on the box, lol. I think we’ll skip this kit next year and maybe just stick to making solid colors.

Saltwater Cowgirls – On Saturday morning I got together a group of beach moms to take a surfing lesson with Saltwater Cowgirls. I hadn’t been on my board in a looooong time so it was pretty interesting to be back in the water again and pretty much starting over. There’s a more in-depth blog post about this one coming up! I will say we all managed to catch a few little waves that day.

Baby Shower Time! – Then later that Saturday, after being beaten up by the ocean, I threw my friend Heather a baby shower! She calls her bump her “tummy fish” so we had a little fishy theme. It was actually the first baby shower I’ve ever thrown myself. I forgot to take pics of the fun little popcorn boxes that said “Ready to Pop” and I forgot to even put out the hot appetizers! They are still in my freezer! I’m still working on my hostess skills. Seems I always forget something. I blame the mom brain phenomenon. Heather will soon know all about that….LOL!

Speaking of Mom Brain – Also this week I stopped by Tandem Studios to participate in their Podcast by the Glass series. (episode to be posted soon!) Around 11AM I got a Facebook message asking me if I was lost and that’s when I realized I had written down the wrong start time. Then I was expecting a traditional podcast and it was a video podcast, which makes sense since they makes movies and are a visual company! I was really happy I decided to do my hair and a little makeup. I felt silly at first getting ready for a podcast since usually nobody is going to see you, but glad I did! And then I realized why they asked me to bring a costume. Duh! After we got past my initial confusion, things went smoothly and we had a good time sharing a bottle of Conundrum and talking about gaining an audience, dealing with online haters and a little about costuming and cosplay too.

An Early Christmas – Every time we visit somewhere, or have a special occasion, one of my favorite things to do is get a special Christmas ornament. I love the personalized ones! It’s a great way to commemorate an occasion without cluttering up the house. OrnamentsWithLove.com sent me this beautiful ornament for our tree to celebrate our year at the beach. They have so many fun options it was hard to choose! They are a family-owned, online personalized Christmas Ornament company that’s been making beautiful gifts (for yourself or for others) for 24 years. Each ornament comes with a cute little bag and gift tag. I want to get a special beach-themed ornament every year now!

So that’s it for last week! This week I’m looking forward to a fun Moms Night Out event with Jax Mom’s Blog and getting a new set of lash extensions from the Lash Lounge.

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