Moms Are Tired Part 4 – Except this time, I Wasn’t. A CBD Oil Experiment

For the fourth installment of “Moms are Tired,” I was sent a package from with an impressive selection of  Plus CBD oil products to sample and post my honest review on my blog. I received this product for free, compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links.

When my package arrived containing CBD capsules, gels, spray, drops and a balm, I wasn’t really sure where to start. I started flipping through the catalog for guidance and my head was kind of swimming with all the scientific info. I definitely had some questions-
Will it show up in a drug test? Is all CBD the same? Is it like an overall multivitamin? How much do you take? What do I use the balm for? What exactly does CBD oil DO?

After some research and reading a ton of info, I managed to get the answers to those questions and more.

CBD is short for cannabidiol, a phytocannabinoid found in cannabis and agricultural hemp. Studies have shown it to have a positive effect on human and animal systems, though it seems due to regulations, the company that sells it can’t tell you exactly what is does affect or make any specific claims as to what it can do.

Plus CBD Oil

I went into this not really knowing what to expect, or expecting much to be honest. I wasn’t looking to cure a particular ailment, and the overall consensus from everything I read was that CBD was beneficial for just about everything. I figured I’d jump right in, start taking it daily and see what happens. I was totally human guinea-pigging myself.

agricultural hempThe Plus CBD Oil is made from agricultural hemp, which differs from marijuana in both appearance and effect. It looks more like bamboo and contains less than 0.3% THC, which is the stuff that gives you the euphoric effects. So no, no matter how much you take, you can’t get high. However, the answer is YES it could show up in a drug test. Just like poppy seeds could cause a test to show positive for heroin, hemp contains minute amounts of THC and could cause a positive for marijuana. So that answered my first question!

According to their website “CBD is CBD, it doesn’t matter where it is sourced from,” meaning you get the same CBD from agricultural hemp as you get from medical cannabis. I did not dig too deep into this claim, so I’m just taking their word for it. This particular brand uses the whole plant, which research suggests is highly beneficial and Plus CBD Oil has coined the term the “Hemptourage effect” to describe how the many different bioactive compounds interplay to optimize health and wellness.

The first thing I tried was the Gold Formula CBD oil soft gels, with 15 mg per serving. They describe their “Gold Formula” as the ultimate step in refining the oil through a process that leaves it gold in color and is the highest concentrated form they offer.


I also started using the peppermint flavored CBD Oil Spray throughout the day, because I really liked the taste of it. It tastes almost like a Thin Mint – chocolatey and minty. It was almost like a little dessert after dinner. As far as figuring how much to take, I couldn’t find any clear guidelines beyond “everyone is different, start small and fine tune as you go.” So I started with the soft gels and a few squirts here and there of the spray.

Once the gels were gone, I tried the Total Plant Complex capsules. I’m always a little wary of capsules because it seems like those things burp up later, but these didn’t cause any ill effects and no post pill burping. So that was a positive experience as well.

Next I tried the CBD Oil Gold Formula drops, which they recommend mixing in a smoothie, or taking straight. I got the unflavored variety, but it was really sweet and actually tasted similar to the peppermint spray. So the “unflavored” is actually a yummy sweet flavor. It’s kind of cloudy and gooey and messy, so the drops were not my favorite thing, although they did taste good.

And that brings us to the Extra Strength CBD oil balm. I wasn’t sure what to do with it, so the first thing I did was rub it into some dry spots on my ankles, elbows and cuticles. After reading on their website, I discovered that is exactly what you are supposed to do with it! It is made to be a soothing and moisturizing balm for the skin, lightly scented with peppermint for a cooling sensation. I really liked the scent, and it was moisturizing, but be prepared for it to leave your skin looking shiny and oiled.


So what was the effect of all this daily dosing myself with CBD? Well, I sat there and pondered for a bit if anything was different. I still had anxiety (that’s one of the things it’s recommended for), I had still gotten a headache a few times the past month (I get migraines), and in the middle of my pondering I realized it was around 3PM and I wasn’t tired yet. I had actually been sleeping really well, not waking up four times a night, and I didn’t feel like I was dragging in the late afternoon. This mom was actually NOT TIRED!

So I figure maybe that is how the CBD affects me. Like a daily vitamin, it has been giving me a little boost and helping me rest better at night. I still have about two months worth of capsules and samples left, so I will continue on with my CBD experiments.

PlusCBD Oil is available to purchase at your local independent health food stores or at To find PlusCBD Oil in your area, visit the website for the full list of locations. All PlusCBD Oil products are gluten free, non-GMO, 100% vegetarian, and grown without herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides. I recommend checking out their FAQ page, which easily answered a lot of my questions.

And be sure to use promo code: MOMSMEET17 to receive 15% off all orders!

Moms Are Tired Part 3: This Time it’s Supercharged with SUTRA Superfoods

As I stared down at the activated charcoal cocoa flavored drink mix swirling around, blackening the sides my cup, all I could think was: Apparently I’ll try anything if it promises a little energy boost. And then I wondered if it was going to stick all in my teeth. For the record, it did not.

I agreed to try two different types of SUTRA powder, black and gold. The first one pictured here is SUTRA black, described on the website as “a delicious activated charcoal detox drink that boosts energy naturally through the use of healing superfoods, without negative effects of caffeine and tastes like a smooth and flavorful hot cocoa.”

It was…interesting. You mix a packet of powder with hot water or milk and then it’s ready to drink. I chose water so I could really taste the flavor. My first try was in the microwave and the powder didn’t completely dissolve so it tasted a little gritty. The second try was with a kettle, so the water was boiling hot, and I got better results and a much smoother drink.

The taste overall is very mild, with a hint of cocoa. I think it gave me a little boost. I tried it during the afternoon slump hours, when my toddler is still going full force and I’m the one ready for a nap. I wasn’t bouncing off the walls, but did feel awake and alert.

By the way, what pops up first when you type “sutra black” into Google is NOT cocoa drink (NSFW, lol), so here’s their website:

Experiment number two was with SUTRA Gold. This one is an antioxidant rich golden milk that is supposed to taste like a “smooth and flavorful chai latte.”


This one dissolved more easily, creating a golden liquid, and again my first worry was that it would be all in my teeth. (again, it was not)

I wasn’t a fan of gold and found it a little too warm overall. Possibly because it was 90 degrees out and I was drinking a hot spicy drink that made my belly feel all warm. I could see drinking this one on a chilly day, but I did not make it through the whole cup to really assess its benefits.

So will it replace my coffee? No, I still need that caffeinated morning jolt. But I could see drinking the SUTRA black in the late afternoon when I want a little pick-me-up and don’t want to worry about caffeine keeping me up later.





Moms are tired, Part 2. This time, it’s organic

envigor-8When Khroma Herbal Products contacted me to sample a product, they sent a few suggestions like diaper cream and an immunity support tincture. Things I could certainly use. However, one look at the website and I was like, “Give me the ENERGY STUFF!”

In my previous Moms are Tired post, I reviewed V-8’s answer to our sleepless nights and non-stop toddler chasing. I’ve never really been a fan of energy drinks (unless you mix them with vodka), and energy pills make me feel weird and jittery, so the idea of trying an all-natural tincture appealed to me.

Everything Khroma sells is organic, vegan, ethically sourced and eco-friendly. I gave the Envigor-8 a try. I like to research my products a little and found it humorous that this is also the same name of a popular male enhancement product. So, just to be clear, their product is an energy booster, not a penis booster.

According the their site, Envigor-8 is “The world’s most effective organic energy supplement.” I often wonder about how you substantiate a claim like this. Like, maybe I should start calling my blog “The world’s most amazing mom blog” and see if it catches on.

OK, back to the review – I gave it a try with the help of my handy assistant. He also wanted to try it but I said Nooooooooo. lol

I started with just a dropper full to make sure it didn’t make me jittery and then worked my way up to the recommended 3 dropper fulls. The taste is weird and herbal at first, but after a few tries I actually really started to like the unique flavor. I did not get a sudden burst of energy, but more like a little sustained boost. After a few days of use, I started to look forward a little afternoon treat and pick-me-up. No jitters, no heart racing, no crash. I actually liked it so much that I will probably buy myself a bottle when this runs out.

I had a few questions for them while writing the review. Their answers are in red:

1) For the dosage of 3 dropper fulls, is that supposed to be a full dropper? Or half? It only sucks up a little each time so I wasn’t really clear on what a dropper full was
The amount that is sucked up from one squeeze is considered one dropper full. It will usually be about half full. 
2) Is it best to take it in the morning? Or if you like drinking coffee in the morning, should you wait until the afternoon?
I would suggest taking it in the afternoon if you drink coffee in the morning. 
3) Should you only take it once a day? Or wait a certain number of hours before taking again?
I like to take it one in the morning and one in the afternoon, personally. You can take more if you want to. The dose is fairly small and the ingredients aren’t dangerous so taking too much isn’t a concern
4) Did you guys know there was an Envigor8 that is a male sex enhancement supplement? That’s the first thing that pops up when searching the name. Just wondering if you have run into any  confusion with that, lol
Ha! I didn’t know that!
5) Is there anything people should be concerned about when taking this supplement? Like avoiding caffeinated drinks or anything like that.
Not really. It is fine to take with caffeinated beverages and doesn’t have any serious interactions
6) It has a very unique taste. At first it was weird, but then it really grew on me. Is there added flavor, or is that the natural taste
I love the taste too! That is the natural taste of the herbs 
 INGREDIENTS: Organic Yerba Mate, Organic Eleuthro Root, Organic Panax Ginseng, Organic Peppermint, Organic Ginkgo Biloba, Organic Ashwagandha, Organic Guayusa, Organic Licorice Root


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The Secret’s Out – Moms are Tired

Mom tired is a different kind of tired. We exist in a state of high functioning exhaustion. I am just now getting used to being able to have a good night’s sleep again and wake up at a decent time. Sleep is a wonderful thing and I have never appreciated it so much in my life.

But sometimes you don’t get good sleep and you still have to chase a toddler all over the place while putting on your happy face and be Excited about Everything! And that’s when we need some help.

img_4271Marketing people are catching on and targeting tired moms. I recently got these free samples of the new V8 Energy drink through I really liked them! They are light and refreshing and it’s not a jolt of energy but it does seem to have a little kick to it. So I went and did my promo duty by posting a photo on my Instagram. Then I figured I’d click the hashtags and see what other people were posting. It was all mom’s posting about refueling to keep up with the kids!

So they are on to us…and at least looking to help. I can’t stop thinking of mixing it with vodka though, lol.

So what do you guys do or what have you tried to get through that afternoon (sometimes all day) slump?