Writing Your First Blog Post

I always read about people having trouble pressing publish for the first time. They stress about putting that first post out into the world for everyone to read. I always advise people to just start writing and don't worry about it. Because honestly? Unless you are pushing that post and sharing it on social media, … Continue reading Writing Your First Blog Post

Bring in the Geek

I spent about an hour on Saturday rearranging and adding new categories. This blog is a constant, always morphing project, so each time I find a little more focus I like to rearrange and fine-tune my categories. I was inspired Geek of the Week GeekMomLife and figured it was time to bring a little more "geek" … Continue reading Bring in the Geek

New Blog, New Opportunities: The Momtastic Mommy Blog

I had big plans when I started GeekMamas.com. I was going to involve all kinds of people and have many "geek moms" writing for the blog. And then once the blog got going, it became more of a personal outlet for my own mom story. My frustrations and triumphs. A place for me to vent, … Continue reading New Blog, New Opportunities: The Momtastic Mommy Blog

Mama mama mama…

I've looked and typed the word mama so much today it is starting to look weird. But progress was made! It is still pretty bare, but the bones are there. Much more content and customization to go. I wanted to start with something really clean and simple to start with. Anyone in the facebook group … Continue reading Mama mama mama…