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Things Are About to Get Weird

I’m working on a total blog overhaul, and things may look funny while I’m redesigning and moving around the categories and other things. It’s time to go back to my original blog plan, before Mom Life took over and all I had time to do was bang out a couple paragraphs about how awful toddlers can be. The funny thing is, 99% of the people visiting the blog won’t actually see this or realize what’s going on. But for the few that have been here since the beginning, or read the front page of the blog today, big changes are coming 🙂

My son is now in Kindergarten, my husband has returned from his long deployment and I’m actually getting to think about myself for the first time in about five years. Five really LONG years. So now I’m ready to tackle this project on a larger scale.

My degree is in Magazine Journalism, and I’ve always wanted to create my own magazine. Through the process of putting together a children’s book, I learned how to work with images and text, and set up my pdf files for printing. And now I want to apply what I learned to creating my own magazine.

I’m not making any big announcements yet, in fact I sort of buried the lead here, but Geek Mamas Magazine will be a quarterly publication, with the launch date set for Summer 2021. The blog is going to be more focused on overall geek culture, with a dash of my usual mom stuff, because it’s still my blog after all. This is my little safe space and I still use it a a bit of therapy when I need to get something out.

So little by little the look of things will be changing, including the name of the blog, and its associated social media. I’m excited about the change and the new (or return to the original) direction. I’ll have lots more info posted soon, including details about submitting articles and how people can be part of the magazine project.

And now it’s time to get the changes started…

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