A Rant on Raising a Strong Willed Child

I have a strong willed child. He's a master negotiator, stubborn as hell and wants everything done his own certain way. He's exhausting, often frustrating and constantly challenging. And I feel like punching someone every time they smile and tell me I'm just raising a "natural born leader." He's a leader all right. Because some … Continue reading A Rant on Raising a Strong Willed Child

Living by a new set of rules

Nothing makes sense anymore. In my old, pre-baby life, if someone asked me for waffles, I'd make them waffles and we'd be good. Now if the child asks for waffles, I end up with screams of despair and cold waffles and I'm still not really sure where I went wrong. I've given up trying to … Continue reading Living by a new set of rules

The Toddler Time Paradox

There's a time warp of sorts that comes with parenthood that I like to refer to as The Toddler Time Paradox. I would almost describe it as a black hole of time, sucking in all efforts and intentions to "get things done," often causing tasks to go unfinished or simple tasks to take hours. While on toddler … Continue reading The Toddler Time Paradox