Five Shows that Capture Modern Motherhood Perfectly

Today’s Guest Geek post is full of ideas for your next binge-watching session, when you need a little laugh about the trials and tribulations of motherhood. From working moms to mother-daughter relationships, these shows cover a bit of everything that encompasses modern motherhood.

Five Shows That Capture Modern Motherhood Perfectly 

There are many different kinds of family units in modern society. It is no longer the standard to have a stay-at-home mother and bread-winning father. Thankfully, the media now reflects our current reality, as it has become more inclusive by representing other types of family units. If you are looking for a new guilty pleasure to watch, here are five incredible shows that capture the beauties of modern motherhood perfectly. 

Workin’ Moms 

Workin’ Moms is a comedic sitcom that aims to portray what motherhood is really like in the 21st century. The Netflix show is currently on its fifth season and it follows a group of fierce and authentic working mothers. The show explores what happens to your body after childbirth, the difficulties of balancing two jobs, and the struggles of breastfeeding, all in a charmingly authentic yet amusing way. Check out Majka if you need help on your own breastfeeding journey.

working moms on netflix

American Housewife 

American Housewife is a rib-tickling sitcom produced by Kapital Entertainment that first debuted on ABC in 2016. Six years later and the show is still going strong thanks to Katy Mixon’s incredible portrayal of life as an American Housewife. Her character is unapologetically relatable, which makes her incredibly likable. Audiences can resonate with this depiction of motherhood whilst simultaneously laugh at the struggles the show portrays.   

Ali Wong: Baby Cobra 

Although Ali Wong’s Baby Cobra is a stand-up comedy rather than a TV show, this comedian captures motherhood in a hilarious yet relatable way. Not only is she actually pregnant during her routine, but she recounts her experiences about double standards, mom groups, and childbirth with amazing hilarity. If you enjoy this Netflix special, you should also check out her sequel ‘Hard Knock Wife’. 

Ali Wong Baby Cobra


Motherland is a comedy sitcom that follows the life of a stressed working mother and her encounters with the ‘supermoms of the middle class’. This sitcom is set in England and it pokes fun at the so-called traumas experienced by middle-class mothers. The less than perfect main character, Anna Maxwell Martin, reveals how hyper-competitive being an Alpha mom can be in the busy capital of London. 

Gilmore Girls 

Gilmore Girls is a classic comedy-drama television series that stars Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel. The show focuses upon the close bond experienced between mother and daughter, although at times this relationship is very much strained. Rather than a modern representation of motherhood, the show is more of a relic of its time, however, it does a great job at capturing the essence of a mother-daughter relationship and all of its accompanying drama. 

Parenthood is one of the most difficult jobs that exist, therefore, when you see it captured so perfectly in a television show or movie, you can instantly relate to the characters. Although having children is one of life’s greatest blessings, it is also very hard work. Nevertheless, raising children comprises a whirlwind of emotions, so if you are looking to unwind with a great down-to-earth show, check out some of the titles we mentioned.   

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