Superhero Skin Care from Sunday Riley

On March 8th, also known as International Women’s Day, Sunday Riley celebrated the 10th anniversary of their best-selling Good Genes All-in-One Lactic Acid Treatment by releasing a limited edition Captain Marvel Collaboration, also coinciding with the movie release.


A fancy skincare product with a geeky makeover? Yes, please! I was completely on board with giving this a try. The Good Genes serum has a fantastic reputation for combating uneven texture, dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles – all things I could use a little help with. As soon as the box arrived, I dove right in, excited to give my skin a super boost.

I love the Captain Marvel packaging featured on both the product box and the bottle itself. I’m going to be picky and mention that I find it odd they went with “super hero” instead of the more typically used “superhero.” But regardless of their editing decisions, it’s still an awesome collaboration!

The bottle is white with gold details, covered in intergalactic designs and the Captain Marvel logo replacing the Sunday Riley logo on front. The box itself is black with the outline of Captain Marvel on the front.

Captain Marvel Sunday Riley

Now for the actual product details!

The serum is a white cream that has a fresh light lemongrass scent, which is also one of its ingredients, along with lactic acid, prickly pear, agave, licorice and more. The 5% lactic acid component exfoliates the surface layers of the skin, revealing a more clarified, smoother, younger-looking and brighter complexion.

The serum can be used morning or night, and should be applied to cleansed skin before your regular moisturizer. You can also apply it as a mask for 15 minutes and then rinse it off.

Good Genes lactic acid ingredients

So how did it do?

I really liked it! I used it in the evening, before my usual nighttime moisturizer. I gave it a few minutes to soak in before applying my night cream. I read that you can use it alone under your make-up as a primer, but after it soaks in, I felt the need to apply a moisturizer on top.

After using it for a week, I feel like my skin is smoother and some of the dark sunspots near my hairline have lightened. Do not use it if you have been in the sun all day though! (that goes for any exfoliating product) I didn’t realize I had gotten a little too much sun one day and after applying the serum my face was a little red and burning. It calmed down after a little bit though and by morning I had a nice glow. I should mention I do have slightly sensitive skin, but on a regular day the product never irritated my skin and it did not cause any breakouts.

You can find this serum and more on their website,

The Captain Marvel edition is available while supplies last, but the serum is always available in the 1 oz. size for $105 and the 1.7 oz size for $158. So get yours before they’re gone!

Captain Marvel Sunday Riley
Captain Marvel Sunday Riley

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