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Do you Believe in Santa Claus?

c607a4b411964ca9ecb0728bbf545270I still remember the day my mom told me. I was 8 or 9 years old, so I️ had already known the truth for years. I knew my parents bought me the presents. They all said “from Mom and Dad” on them. My mom didn’t want Santa to get the credit for anything except delivery. I also knew he didn’t slip down our non-existent chimney, but at least they still snuck the presents out in the middle of the night for the big morning reveal.

Maybe Mom was in a bad mood that day. Maybe I asked about Santa one too many times. Whatever it was, I’ll always remember the words, “You know Santa’s not real right?” Coming out of her mouth and crushing a little of the Christmas magic right out of me. And then I cried while my mom backpeddled and tried to explain something about the Christmas spirit being real and blah blah blah.

But all I could hear was … it wasn’t real. To me part of it was, until my mother told me it wasn’t.

Now we have a son and it’s time for us to decide – will Santa be real for him? How do we set him up to still believe in Christmas magic, yet not have some soul crushing revelation later? Personally, I’m excited to bring back the magic. I’m ready to welcome Santa back with open arms.

And when the day comes and he asks me if Santa real?

Yes! But…..

Good thing I’ve got a few years to work on that one.


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  1. I remember very little of my childhood (because I have a TERRIBLE memory), but I remember finding out “THE TRUTH” very, very clearly. Still wondering how to handle it with my own kids, but hopefully I still have some time, too!

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  2. I remember the day I found out it wasn’t real. I was 8 years old. My grandma kept telling us against my moms wishes. I was upset but got over it quickly. I have four girls and the oldest is 6. I am dreading telling them that Santa is just mommy and daddy. Hopefully i still have a few years🎅

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    • With 4 of them, sounds like that will be an avalanche of truth once you tell one! Yikes! I was just reading an article that suggested enlisting the older siblings to help be “part of the magic” and give them some Santa duties like wrapping secret presents but to always still sneak one under the tree for them 🙂

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  3. I’ve got 3, and the oldest is 7, and way smarter than he has any business being. I know he has probably heard it from kids at school, but I’m dreading the day he finds out for real.. especially because I know he’ll tell his younger brother and sister.

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