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Rise and Shine! Giving early a try

sleepy toddlerI normally like to sleep as long as possible, but after reading a post by The Salty Mamas where they described getting up early to “punch that day right in the face” I got inspired to give it a try. My son normally wakes me at 7AM by yelling “Mommy! Mommy where are you?” over and over. I decided to try waking up to the sounds of chimes at 6AM instead.

I initially woke up at 2AM and lied there for a bit hoping it was really 5AM and I’d amazingly woken up early on my own. After checking the time and realizing getting up at 2AM was a really bad idea, I went back to sleep.

The chimes went off right at six and my first impulse was to press snooze. Then I continued to snuggle in the covers while trying to get my brain going. I managed to get up about three minutes into the snooze.

I failed to factor in letting the dogs out, feeding the dogs, making coffee, then letting the dogs out again, which left me with maybe only 30 min. to work with. Still, it was a great 30 min. of silence and I actually got some bloggy stuff done, which was my whole goal of getting up early.

And right on time, at 6:57 I can hear the first rumblings of the child waking. I may not have punched this day in the face, but I feel like I at least gave it a good smack.

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